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San Diego Stilt Walker 2

  • 343 user views 0 reviews

This San Diego Stilt Walker adds that extra "OMG" to all your events and celebrations. We give "High Five's", greet your guests, and pose for amazing photos....

San Diego Magician 1

  • 575 user views 0 reviews

Our San Diego Magician adds fascination, excitement, and surprise to every event. Your guests will wonder "How did he do that?" and will leave with amazing memories every time....

Matchbox Twenty Tribute Band 1

  • 3,657 user views 1 reviews

Remember turning on the radio and hearing Matchbox Twenty hits like "3AM", "Push", "Real World”, fronted by the great voice of Rob Thomas? And "Smooth" from Rob's collaboration with Santa? This Matc...

San Diego Country Singer 1

  • 1,884 user views 0 reviews

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised as a well traveled ‘army brat’, this San Diego Country Singer began his entertaining career while pursuing a college education. He spent summers working fairs a...

Temecula Oldies Band 1

  • 3,051 user views 0 reviews

With glamour, style, tight harmonies, and rich vocals, this Temecula Oldies Band covers legendary female artists and famous girls groups including Leslie Gore, Dusty Springfield, the Crystals, Chiffon...

San Diego Blues Musician 1

  • 6,191 user views 0 reviews

This San Diego Blues Musician is the real deal, a true Blues Man. He was born in Chicago. He grew up listening to his father playing the Blues and his dad learnt his Blues from the Chicago Blues Legen...

San Diego Pianist 2

  • 1,596 user views 0 reviews

San Diego Pianist A versatile performer, this San Diego Pianist began piano lessons at age 5, later adding clarinet, oboe, string bass, harp and organ to her repertoire of skills. Always a s...

San Diego Harpist 1

  • 1,999 user views 0 reviews

San Diego Harpist This San Diego Harpist is a versatile and experienced performer. Her talents with her voice, the piano, and the harp have entertained audiences for years in San Diego’s p...


San Diego Italian Show Band

  • 5,829 user views 4 reviews

You might think you have stumbled onto a scene from La Dolce Vita when this San Diego Italian Show Band appears at festivals and other events around the country....


San Diego Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band 1

  • 8,337 user views 0 reviews

If you love Stone Temple Pilots, then you will have to check out this San Diego Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band! It is not so often that you will get to see a tribute band pay so close attention to p...


San Diego Stilt Walker 1

  • 2,935 user views 0 reviews

This San Diego Stilt Walker has been performing professionally within the United States and around the world for 20+ years, first starting his training and performing in 1988....


Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band 1

  • 6,253 user views 0 reviews

This Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band is a high-energy 4-piece band. Offering both full production electric and acoustic shows, they strive to bring the definitive Stone Temple Pilots experience to th...