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Rat Pack Show 1

  • 3,000 user views 0 reviews

This Rat Pack Show is the best original swing show money can buy in the UK. They are a full on Production that charts the incredible story of swing music from inception to The Rat Pack hey days when F...

Shane Cobane

  • 10,154 user views 2 reviews

Shane Cobane is a Seattle Elvis Impersonator and he has been involved in the "entertainment" business for many years. He moonlights as "Elvis" at every opportunity. Guaranteed to spice up any party or...

Il Divo Tribute

  • 3,996 user views 0 reviews

This Il Divo Tribute is a quartet who combines vocal music with Pop, formed by four men from different cities of Spain with good appearance and gifted with beautiful voices. This quartet is a tribute ...

Seattle Elvis Impersonator 1

  • 2,781 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Elvis Impersonator was born in Seattle, Washington and moonlights as "Elvis" at every opportunity. Guaranteed to spice up any party or other social occasion with a high energy, solid rend...


Neil Diamond Impersonator 1

  • 4,862 user views 3 reviews

This Neil Diamond Impersonator and his hand-picked ensemble of professional musicians recreate the vocals and orchestrations in such detail that few can leave the show without feeling as though they h...


Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band 1

  • 6,310 user views 0 reviews

This Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Band is a high-energy 4-piece band. Offering both full production electric and acoustic shows, they strive to bring the definitive Stone Temple Pilots experience to th...

Kenny Chesney Tribute Band 1

  • 2,496 user views 0 reviews

They are the premiere Kenny Chesney Tribute Band on the east coast of the US. Kenny Chesney is one of the most popular touring acts in country music, regularly selling out entire stadiums. His 2007 Fl...

Eros Ramazzotti Tribute Band 1

  • 2,684 user views 0 reviews

This Eros Ramazzotti Tribute Band is a tribute made in Italy to the internationally renowned singer Eros Ramazzotti , an italian singer who never stopped giving the whole world emotions through his mu...

Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band 2

  • 865 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Eagles Tribute Band is a band of accomplished musicians dedicated to bringing to audiences an exciting concert experience of the two most iconic and popular artists of Rock: Linda Ron...


Orlando Elvis Impersonator 1

  • 4,372 user views 0 reviews

This Orlando Elvis Impersonator is based in Orlando, Florida and The Bahamas. He is a popular Elvis Presley Tribute Act. This artist has performed his tribute show since 1999 in such places as diverse...

New York Beatles Tribute Band 2

  • 811 user views 0 reviews

With this New York Beatles Tribute Band, you will hear a sample of Beatles songs spanning their entire career which always leave crowds cheering for more. They don't wear wigs, however their show begi...

Muse Tribute Band 1

  • 2,172 user views 0 reviews

Muse Tribute Band This Muse Tribute Band was born in 2002. Immediately, a pleasant alchemy was created amongst the members of the group, pushing them to believe in their goal. After a few li...