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Boston Harpist 3

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This Boston Harpist is considered “one of the iconic harpists of this new age”. He​ is a Grammy-award winning Venezuelan musician, producer, arranger, composer, instructor, and multi-instrumenta...

San Diego Harpist 1

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San Diego Harpist This San Diego Harpist is a versatile and experienced performer. Her talents with her voice, the piano, and the harp have entertained audiences for years in San Diego’s p...


Los Angeles Harpist 4

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This Los Angeles Harpist has been proudly penning her own biography since 1993. While her two dogs consider her most impressive accomplishment to be her patented belly rub, others are more impressed b...


San Francisco Harpist 2

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This San Francisco Harpist is a professional harpist who has been performing professionally since 1977. She has toured with Frank Sinatra, Sr., Linda Ronstadt (as a harp and voice duo), and most recen...

Florence Harpist 1

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This Florence Harpist is a lively and passionate performer. She received a diploma in chanting singing from the Conservatoire of Music "L. Cherubini"in Florence. She studied harp with Cinzia Conte, th...


Omaha Harpist 2

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This Omaha Harpist is an accomplished harpist who has been performing for 18 years. She began her musical training at 4 years old with piano lessons, and at 8 years old, she started violin lessons. Sh...


Toronto Harpist 3

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Born in London, England, this Toronto Harpist moved to Toronto as a child and began her musical education with piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music. By the age of twelve she had passed her...


Toronto Harpist 4

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This Toronto Harpist is the first harpist to pursue a doctorate of Music in Harp Performance in Canada and she is quickly gaining a reputation as one of North America’s pre-eminent new harp talents....


Cleveland Harpist 1

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his Cleveland Harpist is an electric harpist singer songwriter. She emerges with a signature sound of her own that covers genres from alternative to rock, jazz and more. Her show pays homage to some o...