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Miami R&B Singer 2

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In a world of overnight sensations, this Miami R&B Singer has come from the road less traveled. In an era where most singers are "auto-tuned," manufactured and packaged for entertainment value, this s...


Philadelphia R&B Singer 1

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This Philadelphia R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Arranger was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He was a child prodigy who grew up singing and playing instruments at the tender age of five....


Sydney R&B Singer 1

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This Sydney R&B Singer Songwriter is equally comfortable with R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Her voice blends elements of these genres naturally to create a unique sound where every note exceeds expectations...


GC Cameron

  • 5,001 user views 1 reviews

George Curtis Cameron aka GC Cameron (born September 21, 1945. In Jackson, Mississippi) is an American Soul and R&B singer. GC Cameron is credited with having six different voices. He has, on occasion...


Orlando R&B Singer 1

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This Orlando R&B Singer is an entertainer, singer songwriter and actress. This artist has finally come into her own. With her new album in the works and constant stage shows in the mix, she is a force...


Las Vegas R&B Singer 1

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This Las Vegas R&B Singer is a triple-threat: a handsome, exciting, multi talented man who is a singing machine that dances and embodies a colorful musical tapestry woven with inspiration and divine t...


Atlanta R&B Singer 3

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This Atlanta R&B Singer was born in Bronx, NY and is now residing in Atlanta, GA. She has caused great impact worldwide with her R&B, JAZZ, SOUL style....


Atlanta R&B Singer 4

  • 3,419 user views 1 reviews

When asked to describe herself, this Atlanta R&B Singer lets out a mischievous grin and states matter-of-factly, “ I am just a loose cannon; I am liable to say and do ANYTHING!” Then her naughty g...

Kevin Maxim

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Kevin Maxim is a professional entertainer from the United States of America and has worked with a number of American celebrities, like Grammy Award winners Mya ("Lady Marmalade"), Eshe of hip hop grou...


Portland R&B Band 1

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This acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and composer, founded this Portland R&B Band in 2008 with a 10-piece band. The first band comprised three vocalists; small horn section and a local band tha...


Atlanta R&B Band 3

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This Atlanta R&B Band has captured the essence of the song. They have been performing professionally for nearly two decades. Their understanding of song, their deliverance, and their versatility is am...

Miami R&B Singer 1

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Multi-talented, Live Performer and Recording Artist, this Miami R&B Singer was born to a multi-Platinum, international recording artist. At a young age, she toured with her mother, dancing, acting and...