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LKMY isn’t just the name of the band. It is a mind field built from the personal experiences and life of each individual band member and their synchronistical journey merging towards a common goal: ...


Burden of Proof

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Burden of Proof is a three-piece indie alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. In 2001 the band formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan and relocated to Los Angeles two years later. Since th...



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Amycanbe hails from the coastal area of Romagna in north-eastern Italy. Formed in 2002, they originally have 2 members. One year later, another musicians joined the group, and the group started taking...


Izzy Starchild

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Blending the rockin sounds of sixties garage rock, seventies classic rock and punk, and late eighties and early nineties alternative grunge, Izzy Starchild music brings you back to the feel good days ...