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Charleston Hip Hop Artist 1

  • 2,004 user views 0 reviews

Hailing from Charleston, S.C., a city known for its southern charm, great seafood and cultural history, this Charleston Hip Hop Artist has added his name to that list. Since the release of his firs...


Chicago Hip Hop Artist 1

  • 2,614 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago Hip Hop Artist was born and raised on Chicago's South Side by ay of Stateway Gardens on 35th & State St. One of the worst projects in the city. He had a tough upbringing, saw a lot in lif...


Trinidad Hip Hop Singer 1

  • 3,038 user views 0 reviews

This Trinidad Hip Hop Singer is now widely considered as the elder statesman of Caribbean Hip Hop. Born in Trinidad in 1982, he was able to see both the humble beginnings and the rapid development of...

Charlotte Hip Hop Artist 2

  • 373 user views 0 reviews

This Charlotte Hip Hop Artist music has been labeled as something fresh, funky and new. He does not follow the normal trends of Hip Hop. He tends to make his own path with his style of Funk Rap....

Kansas City Hip Hop Artist 1

  • 4,460 user views 0 reviews

This Kansas City Hip Hop Artist is a rapper/singer/songwriter/musician originally from South Bend, Indiana. His parents gave him his first set of drums at the age of 3 and by age5 he was singing and a...


Global Heat

  • 3,916 user views 3 reviews

Imagine fresh Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop music spiced with high-energy break dance and you have the recipe for Global Heat's engaging show. Performing arts Presenters have called Global Heat's show "a riveting ...


Shreveport Hip Hop Singer 1

  • 5,002 user views 0 reviews

This Shreveport Hip Hop Singer is a prolific entertainer and creative songwriter. He possesses excellent showmanship as a performer and as a songwriter he is a genius when it comes to utilizing descri...


Don Dinero

  • 6,367 user views 1 reviews

Born in the rough Washington Heights section of Manhattan, Don Dinero found much inspiration amid New York's thriving hip-hop scene. This artist is the son of Cuban exiles who arrived in the United St...


Trinidad Hip Hop Singer 2

  • 2,171 user views 0 reviews

At 6 years old, this Trinidad Hip Hop Singer moved to Gasparillo where he encountered an environment that taught him many valuable lessons, most importantly, thinking everything through. “In my neig...

Daric Forrest

  • 1,927 user views 0 reviews

Daric Forrest, who comes from a family with 14 siblings, began noticing his love of music at the tender age of 3, and started singing along to songs that came on the radio. Living in Michigan during t...

Crunch Jones

  • 1,497 user views 0 reviews

Crunch Jones is an American rapper born and raised in the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The music he makes is a portrait of the struggles and success of his life coming up....


Dante Bacote

  • 3,316 user views 0 reviews

Dante Bacote is an up and coming rapper, producer, singer, writer, actor, and model, who is the true definition of original new age Hip Hop. Born in San Diego, CA, but raised in Connecticut he’s one...