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New York Comedian 1

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Included on the top 50 Latino Comedians in the country list, this New York Comedian thanks his Bronx upbringing for his comedic stylings. His material ranges from the familial to the political. A stud...


New York Comedian 2

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This New York Comedian is a 19 year old up and coming Stand Up Comedian, Entertainment Personality, Twitter Sensation and College Student born and raised in New York. With a line up of performances at...


Los Angeles Comedian 2

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This Los Angeles Comedian says: "Give me comedy or give me death" and since he is still alive, we will just let him continue to make us laugh as he has been doing for over 10 years....


Nashville Comedian 1

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This Nashville Comedian spent the early 2000s building a reputation as a professional musician in Nashville, TN. His first effort won the Nashville Scene Music Award for Best Experimental Rock. He the...


Orlando Comedian 1

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This Orlando Comedian will have your group laughing and cheering and has he pick key people from your company to come up on stage for some good clean high energy comedy. He can make your Entertainment...


Los Angeles Variety Comedian 1

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This Los Angeles Variety Comedian has been performing professionally since the age of eighteen, learning the ropes as a street performer before moving on to be one of the most popular acts on the Rena...


Miami Comedian 1

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If you are looking to hire a Miami Comedian, you can put your confidence in this performer and be assured that you are choosing the right person for your event. Whether it is a corporate event, colleg...


Omaha Comedian 1

  • 5,703 user views 8 reviews

This Omaha Comedian's clean comedy, sharp wit, impressive abilities, charm, good looks and modesty when writing about himself in the third person narrative format make him one of the most sought after...


San Francisco Comedian 1

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Born and raised in Oakland, California, this San Francisco Comedian is the youngest of 3 and the only son. An imaginative child inclined to perform, he stood empty handed at “Show & Tell”, told hi...


Washington DC Comedian 4

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This Washington DC Comedian started his comedy career doing open mic with the 9:55 Club in Richmond, VA. His comedy is based on over 20 years of hilarious military experience and crazy childhood stori...


Las Vegas Comedian 1

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This Las Vegas Comedian has been mistaken for just about every minority living in the US today. Some just ask. "What are you?"... Hilarious is the answer. His range of perspectives cover everything fr...


Heather Horton

  • 3,500 user views 1 reviews

She is Heather Horton the actor but you may also know her as her stand up alter ego Heather Ho. Either way, they both like cookies....