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Los Angeles Variety Band

  • 382 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Variety Band is a Southern California (5 to 11) piece band with versatile vocalists that also have incredible musicianship. Kim sings everything from smooth ballads to gritty rock-n-r...

Los Angeles Classical Ballet Dancer 1

  • 3,705 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Classical Ballet Dancer trained with National Ballet of Canada and Pacific Northwest Ballet, as well as with Fernando Bujones, Gelsey Kirkland, Edward Villela and Peter Boal....


International Exhibition Dancers

  • 2,451 user views 0 reviews

These International Exhibition Dancers are both dance phenomenon who due to their full commitment, perseverance and talent, managed to get at the international top level within their field. They becam...


Sacramento Dance Band 1

  • 3,903 user views 0 reviews

A powerhouse four piece band, this Sacramento Dance Band has quickly become one of the most popular dance bands in Northern California. Performing at regional hot spots and events they are packing in ...

Miami Shadow Dancers 1

  • 2,974 user views 0 reviews

Dancing behind a white spandex curtain, these Miami Shadow Dancers evoke beauty and grace through their projected silhouettes. Viewers can see clearly the vivacious curves and splendid contours of eac...

Chicago Variety Band 2

  • 1,048 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago Variety Band has been making music for over 20 years. They began as studio musicians with two goals, create revenue to reinvest in themselves in order to produce a better product, and mak...


Los Angeles Commercial Dancer 1

  • 3,810 user views 1 reviews

This Los Angeles Commercial Dancer has been dancing professionally for several years. She trained in London, UK at the Pineapple Dance Studios....

Duo Reves

  • 1,485 user views 0 reviews

Internationally acclaimed Duo Reves is the creative collaboration between Quynbi, named "one of the aerial world's most glamorous artists" by Aerial Arts International Magazine, and her husband Eric, ...


Bulgarian Dancer 1

  • 2,827 user views 0 reviews

Extremely talented, this Bulgarian Dancer was born on March 17, 1981 in Burgas, Bulgaria. His interest in dance appears in the tender age of 12 years. Inspired by street breakdancers - a small group o...