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Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer 1

  • 2,165 user views 0 reviews

Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer This Sao Paulo Jazz Dancer studied at the School of Ballet Municipal de Sao Paulo, ESI Dancers and was part of Cia Stable Promodança, directed by Jair Moraes. In Jazz,...


New York Comedian 1

  • 2,003 user views 0 reviews

Included on the top 50 Latino Comedians in the country list, this New York Comedian thanks his Bronx upbringing for his comedic stylings. His material ranges from the familial to the political. A stud...


New York Magician 2

  • 1,584 user views 0 reviews

This New York Magician's fresh and funny approach to traditional magic reflects some 20 years headlining premiere comedy magic clubs and concert venues all over the country....


Germany House DJ 1

  • 4,667 user views 0 reviews

This Germany House DJ started out in the music business as road crew for Pink Floyd on their Dark side of the Moon tour. In the mid-eighties, a revolution began the old guard was swept away, as first ...


Los Angeles Belly Dancer 1

  • 3,229 user views 0 reviews

Raised in Spain, this Los Angeles Belly Dancer has always had dance flowing through her veins. She has been dancing for over 20 years, and has been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco and Belly Dance. S...

Seattle Stilt Dancer 1

  • 2,259 user views 1 reviews

This Seattle Stilt Dancer is based in Seattle, Washington State and performs for the Greater Seattle Area. Nothing says "wow" like having a 10' tall stilt greeter at your event. Costumed stilt walkers...


Olympia Disc Jockey 1

  • 7,431 user views 11 reviews

This Olympia Disc Jockey is not only a Disc Jockey but also a Karaoke Host. He has been entertaining audiences in Washington State since 1976. In 1993, he licensed and established his Digital D.J. and...

Olympia Disc Jockey 2

  • 2,170 user views 0 reviews

This Olympia Disc Jockey is great and has a fantastic personality. He has been working steadily in Washington State providing DJ service and Karaoke hosting for local clubs....

Olympia Magician 1

  • 2,740 user views 0 reviews

This Olympia Magician (left on the picture) has been performing for 9 years. Within that time his magic has taken him above the rest. Only 4 years into magic, he was ranked top 15 in the nation throug...

Seattle Magician 2

  • 4,459 user views 5 reviews

This Seattle Magician interest in mystery entertainment was sparked at a very young age -- his very first memory in life was watching the Wizard of Oz when he was three years old, and everything about...

Olympia Magician 3

  • 4,163 user views 17 reviews

This Olympia Magician career in magic began over sixteen years ago when he found a book on coin tricks at his grandparents' house. Today he works extensively throughout Washington state, entertaining ...

Chicago Magician 1

  • 2,562 user views 4 reviews

This Chicago Magician is the answer to Chicago entertainment needs, placing magic in the hands of bewildered fans for the past twenty years!...