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Sacramento Party Band 3

  • 4,868 user views 0 reviews

This Sacramento Party Band has been steadily gaining notoriety as one of the hardest working bands in the region, and they are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand special event dance bands in N...

Susan Barry-Wendelken

  • 3,255 user views 0 reviews

A baby-faced veteran of the metro NYC music scene, Susan Barry-Wendelken has received airplay on many radio stations, and was played on The Howard Stern Show. Among other honors, her band One Step Bey...


Boston Party Band 1

  • 2,431 user views 0 reviews

This Boston Party Band was created in 1982 and has been performing in New England and across the country ever since. The musicians of the group all have degrees in music education, but have been lucky...


New York Party Band 1

  • 2,605 user views 0 reviews

Allow me to introduce you to this New York Party Band organized in February of 2008. A group of talented musicians, producers and songwriters have combined their talents to create a sound that will ma...

Chicago Variety Band 2

  • 996 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago Variety Band has been making music for over 20 years. They began as studio musicians with two goals, create revenue to reinvest in themselves in order to produce a better product, and mak...

Miami Party Band 1

  • 8,622 user views 11 reviews

On the Rocks with a Tropical Twist!Party in paradise with these musicians as they sail into port with an incredible mix of cool party tunes, and a captivating stage show. With the lead singer at the h...

Miami Party Band 2

  • 10,536 user views 39 reviews

This band based in Miami have been keeping everyone dancing for many years at some of the most important events in Florida.For almost three decades, the band have been selected to play for the Grand O...


Sydney Party Band 1

  • 2,096 user views 0 reviews

This Sydney Party Band is Australia's Premier Party Band. With 10 years of highly acclaimed event performances at corporate events, parties, conferences, cruises, private functions, 5 star-venues and ...


Sacramento Party Band 4

  • 11,549 user views 17 reviews

What can you expect from this Sacramento Party Band's show? High-Energy, Rock, Pop, Funk, Disco, R&B, Oldies, Live & Groovy Baby Yeah! This is a total dance party from start to finish—both sonically...

Soul Kitchen

  • 1,584 user views 0 reviews

Is there any other band in Munich who can state that the Backstreet Boys (in 1995), The Weather Girls (in 1998) and Brian Ferry (in 2005), Gloria Gaynor (in 2006) played as an opening act for them? In...


New York Party Band 2

  • 2,920 user views 0 reviews

Taking their cue from National Lampoon’s “Animal House”, the creators of this New York Party Band developed their stage show based on a college rite of passage. By combining visual props, a re...


Australian Singing Waiters 1

  • 3,386 user views 0 reviews

Looking for Australian Singing Waiters with a Twist! Imagine the surprise on the faces of your guests at your corporate event when one of the waiters bursts into song and begins to serenade your guest...