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  • Los Angeles Belly Dancer 1



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Los Angeles Belly Dancer 1

Raised in Spain, this Los Angeles Belly Dancer has always had dance flowing through her veins. She has been dancing for over 20 years, and has been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco and Belly Dance. She gained admission to the prestigious Maximo Hita Dance Academy, where she mastered techniques in Ballet and Jazz choreography. She was first introduced to Belly Dance while living in New York with Amira Mor, once in Los Angeles, she has studied under master teachers such as Jillina and Tito from Egypt.

Los Angeles Belly Dancer performances

This Los Angeles Belly Dancer has been performing in many different National and International events, in Television, and Theater and for celebrities and royalty. She recently appeared as a featured Belly dancer in the TV show "Old School" with Gary Bussey as well as the TV Show "Parks and Recreations" .
She can perform solo or with her dance company. They perform regularly for weddings, private parties, restaurants and live shows.

Los Angeles Belly Dancer audiences

This Los Angeles Belly Dancer is a first class entertainer whose energetic, meticulous yet sensuous performances have energized audiences in Spain, New York and Los Angeles.

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