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Omaha Cover Band 2

  • 1,688 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Cover Band is a live music variety band based out of Omaha, Nebraska. They cover events, festivals, weddings, street dances, conventions and shows in the Midwest and U.S....


Omaha Harpist 2

  • 2,933 user views 2 reviews

This Omaha Harpist is an accomplished harpist who has been performing for 18 years. She began her musical training at 4 years old with piano lessons, and at 8 years old, she started violin lessons. Sh...


Omaha Polka Band 2

  • 4,189 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Polka Band has a reputation for pleasing their dancing and listening audience. They have been playing in Nebraska, Iowa and surrounding communities for several years. They have five to six ...


Omaha Cover Band 1

  • 4,512 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Cover Band plays some of the best rock music spanning the last 4 decades. They are an entertaining live act featuring experienced and professional musicians who know what it takes to put on...


Omaha Polka Band 1

  • 4,030 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Polka Band has been performing live dance engagements since their inception in the winter of 1989. Their performances include a variety of ethnic music featuring old-time German, Czech and ...


Omaha Harpist 1

  • 3,317 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Harpist currently serves as the principal harpist of the Lincoln Symphony, Boulder Philharmonic and Sioux City Symphony and is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. She graduated cum laude from the ...


Omaha Comedian 1

  • 5,674 user views 8 reviews

This Omaha Comedian's clean comedy, sharp wit, impressive abilities, charm, good looks and modesty when writing about himself in the third person narrative format make him one of the most sought after...

Omaha Mariachi 1

  • 7,141 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Mariachi group began as a student group, which started from a mariachi class funded by a grant from the Nebraska Arts Council and offered through the Hispanic Ministries project: Cuicacalli...


Omaha Comedian 2

  • 2,160 user views 0 reviews

This Omaha Comedian's contagious energy keeps the audience engaged, entertained, and, most importantly, laughing. His show is a unique way to wake up those boring morning meetings, and his talent as a...