Charlotte Hip Hop Artist 2

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Charlotte Hip Hop Artist 2

This Charlotte Hip Hop Artist music has been labeled as something fresh, funky and new. He does not follow the normal trends of Hip Hop. He tends to make his own path with his style of Funk Rap.

Charlotte Hip Hop Artist tours

He has toured throughout North Carolina; Georgia; Nevada; New York, Alabama, Washington D.C. and Florida at such places like S.O.B’s, Knitting Factory, ESPN Sport Zone, Club Caza, Club 360, Black Flower, Ziggy’s, Western Carolina’s Homecoming, Beer Garden, Local 506, Miami Live, On Stage Club, Soap Box, Freak Fest, and numerous other Car Shows. This Charlotte Hip Hop Artist has a plan to continue performing at other venues growing his fan base with his fresh funky style of Hip Hop.

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Country United States
City Charlotte
State/Province North Carolina
Performer Type Musical Act

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