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Australian Country Singer 1

"I won't sing it, if I ain't lived it." That quote from this Australian Country Singer sums up the life and music of this award-winning singer/songwriter from Australia, where he is much sought-after as a country performer. In addition, he has been recognized with numerous country music awards, and was named the 2007 "Male Vocalist of the Year" by the South Australia Country Music Association.

This Australian Country Singer has lived a life that reads like one of the many country songs he has written and performed. From his modest beginnings amidst a bleak Australian landscape, he soon learned that Life had even harsher realities to offer: acceptance did not come easy, when roaming from town to town in attempt at a living; farming offered backbreaking work, but no promise of reward; feeling abandoned was easy, when times are hard, and a family dynamic becomes even harder.

Australian Country Singer influences

Fortunately, as he says, "Music was the only thing that didn't cost anything", and he was immersed in it from a young age. His memories from that time are of sitting with his ear glued to the record player as this Australian Country Singer listened to Merle Haggard and George Jones, and of standing at the front of a stage watching his dad, himself a struggling country musician, perform the classics. Music would be his escape from the realization that he came from a world where men were men, and boys were not invited. It was a hardened emotional landscape, as well, and giving voice to tender thoughts was not welcome there.

Despite living in the country, not many shared this Australian Country Singer's passion for all things Country, but his was a young man's search for expression, and he would come to know two things: he was born to sing and play, and he had found a vehicle in country music where a man could express his emotions. It was the singular, inevitable outcome: He would set his soul to words and music.

Australian Country Singer success

It's been said of him that "Merle Haggard and George Jones couldn't have asked for a better student". And like any good student, he learned from the best, then set his own unique path. Having paid his dues and achieved success in his own backyard, his focus is now on a broader world stage, and set on expanding his audience within the Country music industry. For anyone who feels the country spirit, or about to discover it through his music, here is the adventure into the soul that country music was meant to be. Through talent and craftsmanship, his melodies evoke emotion and mere words are elevated to poetry. Here, in music and lyrics, this Australian Country Singer exposes the heart of a man.

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