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Boston Americana Band 1

You can call it ‘Americana’, ‘Roots’, or just plain ‘Rock 'n Roll’; labels really don't matter to this Boston Americana Band. Their goals are simple: write great songs, record high quality CDs, and perform as a solid live band. That's all. But how do you balance the time constraints of a career, family, and home life with the demands of making great music? They are on the road to finding that answer.

Boston Americana Band birth

This Boston Americana Band formed in 2007 when the drummer joined the three other musicians of the group for an old fashioned jam session. They immediately knew they had something good, so they spent the next two years developing original songs which fit the style of Roots/Americana music. The songs tell familiar stories, from the heartache of "Taken" and "If You Were Mine" to the communal search for meaning in "In the End" and "Troubled Shoes", to the homesick yearning in "Home." Contributions from a vocalist and a keyboardist enhance the album's musical potency. This CD represents everything that is important to this Boston Americana Band: real people playing real instruments, rich vocal harmonies, and inspired songwriting.

Boston Americana Band acclaim

The Boston Globe "Top Local CDs of 2009" -- "[This Album] masterfully blend roots-rocking guitars, ragged-but-right vocals set to rustic melodies, and other good stuff that never goes out of style when it's done right. Echoing the late-night/early morning feel of alt-country progenitors such as the BoDeans and the Jayhawks, this is an auspicious debut that brims with equal parts heartache, swagger, and a dose of hard-won wisdom." - Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe

They want people to enjoy their music as much as they love making it. Over the next several years, this Boston Americana Band will work diligently to promote their music and establish a reputation as a highly acclaimed roots/Americana band.

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Country United States
City Boston
State/Province Massachusetts
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4 responses to “Boston Americana Band 1”

  1. Max Bowen says:

    “The quartet…end the evening on a high note, blending roots and rock music to create a melody that you can’t help but move your ass to, and the audience gets this message loud and clear. The crowd has remained strong throughout the evening, and though they’re beginning to thin out a little, enough remain that it’s safe to say they were among the bands that the crowd came to see. I know I’ll be looking for them the next time I’m scanning the show listings.” – Max Bowen, The Noise – Live Review (from the 2010 New England Americana Festival)

  2. Jay Miller says:

    “They are a testament to the enduring and thriving roots music scene in the Greater Boston area, and the South Shore in particular.” – Jay Miller, Patriot Ledger – Jan 2011

  3. Leicester Bangs says:

    “They take the classic sound of ‘70s country rock – Poco, Eagles, etc. – strip back the excess and inject plenty of urgency.” – Leicester Bangs (1/27/2012)

  4. Twangville says:

    Sometimes the simple songs are the best songs. This Boston quartet wrap a winsome melody with some gentle harmonies to create one of the more endearing songs so far this year. – Twangville: Best songs of 2012

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