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San Francisco Actor 1

This San Francisco Actor was born in Johnstone, Scotland, a mile from the famous William Wallace-Braveheart. He has appeared in some wonderful if offbeat film projects, in the course of his long screen career. A news-hound in (Francis Ford Coppola’s) Tucker :The Man and his Dream (with Jeff Bridges); a very bemused medic in the horror The Chilling (starring Linda Blair), and as a NY Times editor, (The World’s Most Astonishing News), trying to get the skinny on a hot author launching his tell-all first book.

San Francisco Actor versatility

A versatile and in demand, artist, (actor/singer/musician), this San Francisco Actor studied drama at American Conservatory Theater (ACT) in San Francisco, appearing the many varied theater roles: Shakespeare to modern, (winning two Bay Area Theaters Circle Critics Awards for outstanding ensemble appearances).

An early notable screen role as Officer O’Neill in the SF 48 Film Festival (Best Direction/Acting) in the sci-fi classic short, “Doing Time” proved to be prophetic!

San Francisco Actor credits

This San Francisco Actor's recent appearances, include serial tv drama: Trauma, (Protocol), Final Witness (a Mother’s Revenge), and the independent feature, The Diary of a Teenage daughter (2015-current status-post-production).

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Country United States
City San Francisco
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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