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Phoenix 50s 60s Band 1

If you are a fan of the golden oldies from the 50’s & 60’s, you will love this genuinely authentic blast from the past. This Phoenix 50s 60s Band is a true throwback, fondly recalling the good old days. The days of Juke Boxes, 45 Records, Soda Shops and Sock Hops in the gym. That great era of Duck Tails, Pony Tails, Pig Tails, Crew Cuts and Flat Tops. An enjoyable trip down memory lane to the times of Fender Skirts, Tail Fins, Curb Feelers, Suicide Knobs, Baby Moon Hubcaps, Drive-In Movies and Back Seat Bingo with your favorite girl. Get nostalgic and leave your cares at home, cuz the memories of those good old days will fly unchecked as you relive a time when music refused to let you sit still.

This is a Cookin’ vintage presentation, in tributes to Rock n Roll legends, like Elvis Presley, Bill Halley and his Comets, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, The Big Bopper, Little Richard, The Coasters, Fats Domino, Sam the Sham, One Hit Wonders, Doo-Wop, Motown, The Twist, the Beatles and more. Music was never better and you can “Remember When” at this show. Most people know the words, everyone smiles, some laugh out loud and others even shed a few tears. That’s what this Phoenix 50s 60s Band is all about.

Phoenix 50s 60s Band oldies

Prepare yourself for a return to the days of Rolled Up T-Shirts, Peddle Pushers, Penny Loafers, Saddle Shoes and Blue Suede shoes. Some audience members even attend wearing the classic outfits and hair styles. Let your mind wander back to those special Rock n Roll Gold days. The leader of this Phoenix 50s 60s Band surrounds himself with some of the best musicians in the southwest in order to do justice to these great Golden Oldies. Anything else would be Rock ‘n Roll sacrilege.

With an acting background in Hollywood movies & TV, and as a multi-award winning anchor, he brings seasoned presence to the performances of this Phoenix 50s 60s Band that will help you remember and re-live the great period in time that brought us the slang terms Cloud Nine - Cookin’ – Cool – Cooties - Deuce Coup – Hipsters - Party Poopers - Pop The Clutch - Rag Top - Stacked - and Think Fast.

Phoenix 50s 60s Band movies

As a Screen Actors Guild member, his acting highlights can be viewed at the Internet Movie Database site. From ‘89 to ’91, he produced his own syndicated TV variety show, while also hosting radio shows in Phoenix and Las Vegas. In ‘93 he costarred in the premiere episode of the New Route 66 for NBC. ’94 found him starring as a body-snatching alien for New Line Cinema Productions in the motion picture sequel “Hidden II - The Spawning”. In ’95 he starred as Homicide Detective Sgt Gold in “Undercover” (with Meg Foster) for Axis Films International. And, in ’96 he starred in his favorite role as the new “Grizzly Adams” in “Treasure Of The Bear”, with Joseph Campanella.

This show is reminiscent of American Bandstand and Alan Freed’s traveling Rock n’ Roll Caravan. It’s always fun to remember the best parts of days gone by. This Phoenix 50s 60s Band will be your tour guides on this trip down memory lane. Let’s Rock n Roll, Baby!

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Country United States
City Phoenix
State/Province Arizona
Performer Type Musical Act

11 responses to “Phoenix 50s 60s Band 1”

  1. Millions says:

    “Unbelievable memories. The best show we’ve ever had here”… Cliff Barnes, PebbleCreek Resort – Goodyear AZ

  2. Jim says:

    “A super show, and worth the trip to Arizona for this experience”… Jim Ratley, Austin TX

  3. Dorothy says:

    “Tom is a high energy, talented and dedicated performer. A showman who gives you a seamless 90 minute presentation. Quality entertainment that we’ve enjoyed just as much on subsequent trips”…… Dorothy Crutcher, Sedona AZ

  4. Alex says:

    “I’d been hearing good things for some time and finally got to see the show. Lots if nostalgia and music. It was fun remembering the fads and news events of the era. But, the best part was Tom’s voice. Pleasing and rough on pitch. If you enjoy 50’s & 60’s music, and Americana, I recommend this show”…… Alex Ware, Sedona AZ

  5. Steve says:

    “Tom is a great professional entertainer. Not too many of these guys left in America (the guys who play real Rock and Roll”…… Steve Sandoval, Main Street Chamber of Commerce

  6. Homer says:

    “We attended your terrific show and it was great. We definitely intend to come again and again, as often as we visit”…… Homer Hearn, Prescott AZ

  7. Bob says:

    “My wife and I were totally entertained, as was the rest of the audience. This is a great show that takes you way back to better times”…… Bob Coates, Village of Oak Creek AZ

  8. Will says:

    “Awesome Non-Stop Rock and Roll! What a great ride back to the good old days”…… Will Macer, Atlanta GA

  9. Jim and Sand says:

    “Terrific Show. We loved every minute. Well worth the trip up from Scottsdale”…… Jim & Sand Bruner, Scottsdale AZ

  10. Anita says:

    “We just loved your show. Our friends from PA did too. It was worth every penny”…… Anita Dalton, Sedona AZ

  11. Robert says:

    “Thanks for a great show. I can’t believe I volunteered for the Twist Demonstration, but it sure capped off a fun-fun evening”…… Robert Simpson, Sedona AZ

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