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New York Santa 2

  • 642 user views 0 reviews

There is NOTHING as good as a real-beard Santa in a high-end costume. This New York Santa Claus performs at corporate events, home parties, weddings and in commercials, television, theater, print ads ...

Orlando Santa 2

  • 1,379 user views 0 reviews

This Orlando Santa Claus is a professional Real Bearded Santa. He is available for events such as home, business, community or company party. He is a member of Member of International Brotherhood of R...

Dallas Santa 1

  • 1,762 user views 0 reviews

This Dallas Santa Claus is a graduate of Santa University, Denver, CO; Santa & The Business Of Being Santa (SATBOBS) graduate; Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR with a B.A. Degree in Sociolo...

Miami Santa Claus 1

  • 2,919 user views 0 reviews

This Miami Santa Claus doesn't portray Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus. You see, being Santa isn't just about wearing a costume. It's so much more than that. To be Santa, the magic and wonder, and the ...


Seattle Santa 1

  • 2,404 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Santa Claus will come to your corporate or house party, stop by to pick up “the list” from your home or take pictures for this year’s holiday card (calendar, mug, etc.). He will eve...

Roanoke Santa

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There is nothing more uplifting during the Holiday season than to have this Roanoke Santa Claus, showing up at your event. Just his appearance alone brings warm smiles, excitement and fond memories. I...