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One Street Over

  • 2,145 user views 3 reviews

One Street Over is one of the top performing acts in the Pacific Northwest, featuring Bridgette and Michael Lewis who lived in Nashville and now reside in Northern Idaho....


Toronto Electro Rock Band 1

  • 2,222 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Electro Rock Band, started out as a Metallica Cover band in 2001, but the lead singer began to construct their own music that would blend heavy rock with dark, psychedelic overtones. The ...


Allentown Rock Band 1

  • 3,420 user views 0 reviews

Many bands struggle to express their creativity while dedicating their sound to a specific genre. This Allentown Rock Band is NOT one of these bands. Unwilling to surpress their creativity by selectin...


Los Angeles Rock Band 4

  • 1,755 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Rock Band is not your average band of poultry punks and giant mutant vegetables. They are rapidly spreading their genetically modified rock 'n' roll across the planet. Beware, if you ...


Los Angeles Metal Band 1

  • 3,884 user views 1 reviews

Making their mark on the local and national scene, this Los Angeles Metal Band has been “slithering” in and out of the industry forefront since 2003. Reformed in 2008, the band has added a siniste...


London Alternative Rock Band 1

  • 6,184 user views 0 reviews

This London Alternative Rock Band creates a fusion of alternative rock and trip-hop, with plenty of atmosphere and tension in their work. The five band members come together to create a decidedly pass...


Los Angeles Classic Rock Band 1

  • 2,313 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Classic Rock Band consists a lead guitarist/vocalist, bassist/vocalist (formerly with LYPSTIK), a drummer/vocalist (formerly with POWERLINE), playing classic rock from Allman Brothers...


Toronto Rock Band 1

  • 4,316 user views 0 reviews

In the spring of 2011, this Toronto Rock Band began work on their newest recording project. Described by the drummer as a 'labor of love', the new album is shaping to be a 14 track collection of songs...


New York Rock Band 1

  • 3,180 user views 0 reviews

This New York Rock Band is a power trio based in New York City. Compared to such acts as Radiohead, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Failure, they embrace the quintessential elements of 90’s abrasiv...


San Diego Rock Band 1

  • 2,240 user views 0 reviews

This San Diego Rock Band has arrived! With a perfect blend of hard rocking guitars, reggae grooves, unforgettable melodies, and musical transitions that will surprise you. They have an infectious and ...


  • 2,052 user views 0 reviews

LKMY isn’t just the name of the band. It is a mind field built from the personal experiences and life of each individual band member and their synchronistical journey merging towards a common goal: ...


Louisville Rock Band 1

  • 4,414 user views 1 reviews

This Louisville Rock Band is a pop and punk alternative rock band. The young, gifted musicians that make up the band are best friends, and have been playing and writing songs since they were in elemen...