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Seattle Rock Band 1

  • 4,102 user views 8 reviews

Are you ready to party????!!!!Look no further. This Seattle Rock Band is a very experienced rockin' dance band....

Seattle Rock Band 2

  • 2,734 user views 0 reviews

"One of Seattle's finest classic rock'n'roll bands" is how their fans and peers describe this band. This entertaining Seattle Rock Band is based in Seattle, Washington and is a surefire hit with crowd...


Seattle Rock Band 3

  • 3,186 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Rock Band has, for over three decades, included some of the best musicians in Seattle, Washington. Some of the past performers have been Richard Harris, Mike Corman, Lou Brown, Mate Ward ...

San Francisco Rock Band 1

  • 3,815 user views 2 reviews

This San Francisco Rock Band based Santa Cruz, California formed in 2006 and has been sweeping the globe atop a tsunami of salty melodic anthems. Unrelenting rock hooks sink unforgettably deep with th...

Los Angeles Rock Band 2

  • 4,191 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Rock Band's sound has been described as eclectic, complex, occasionally awkward and witty. Although the musicians are based out of Northern San Diego and South Orange County, their mu...


Toronto Electro Rock Band 1

  • 2,222 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Electro Rock Band, started out as a Metallica Cover band in 2001, but the lead singer began to construct their own music that would blend heavy rock with dark, psychedelic overtones. The ...

Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer 1

  • 7,243 user views 0 reviews

This Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer has played guitar for the last 24 years, performing publicly for most of that time. He started out playing bluegrass and southern gospel music with his family in Su...


Michael Lewis

  • 13,084 user views 14 reviews

A talented singer/songwriter, Michael Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist and a superb guitarist with endorsements from Taylor Guitars and Fuchs guitar amps. He was named one of the top indy artists in t...


Los Angeles Classic Rock Band 1

  • 2,313 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Classic Rock Band consists a lead guitarist/vocalist, bassist/vocalist (formerly with LYPSTIK), a drummer/vocalist (formerly with POWERLINE), playing classic rock from Allman Brothers...


Dallas Rock Singer 1

  • 3,656 user views 0 reviews

This Dallas Rock Singer, a Texas legend, has been a worldwide force behind rock and roll since the ‘70’s. His songwriting style is unique and diversified. He is known for his contribution to the d...


Buffalo Classic Rock Band

  • 6,273 user views 0 reviews

This Buffalo Classic Rock Band draws its songs from the 60's and 70's. They bring the tunes of Vanilla Fudge, Eric Clapton, Jimmi Hendrix, and Jefferson Airplane to name a few to life with there own s...


New York Rock Band 1

  • 3,180 user views 0 reviews

This New York Rock Band is a power trio based in New York City. Compared to such acts as Radiohead, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Failure, they embrace the quintessential elements of 90’s abrasiv...