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Washington DC Reggae Band 1

  • 3,856 user views 0 reviews

This band is a roots reggae band from the DC area. They have performed for over eight years together and they have assembled an arsenal of crucial roots-influenced original compositions, complemented ...

Bridgeport Reggae Band 1

  • 3,415 user views 0 reviews

Reggae with a diverse flavor. High energy, dance music with a Reggae heartbeat blended with smooth soothing harmonies. This Bridgeport Reggae Band is the upcoming sensation to stand beside Shaggy, Sea...


Los Angeles Reggae Band 3

  • 4,909 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Reggae Band is a group of talented reggae musicians that came together in February 2008, to host a birthday tribute to the Legendary General Smiley from the international Reggae duo (...

Orlando Reggae Singer 1

  • 2,265 user views 0 reviews

This Orlando Reggae Singer began his singing career at the impressionable age of 14. Filled with passion, he first began performing with his older brother and two friends. Together, they composed the ...


Kingston Reggae Artist 1

  • 1,979 user views 0 reviews

This Kingston Reggae Artist was born in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. Before he reached age 10, he was performing at local concerts and winning several talent competitions. In order to pursue his mus...


Jamaican Reggae Singer 1

  • 2,178 user views 0 reviews

This conscious Jamaican Reggae Singer carved his niche in the genre over a decade ago, with profound music and prolific lyrics that uplift fans far and wide. His resilience has been tested and demonst...

Columbus Reggae Band 1

  • 15,163 user views 7 reviews

This Columbus Reggae Band is a St. Lucian Reggae band. Founded in 1987, they have continually toured across the United States, Canada and Jamaica sharing its roots reggae, calypso and soca music....


Kingston Reggae Singer 1

  • 1,850 user views 0 reviews

In 1999, this Kingston Reggae Singer caught the attention of ace reggae crooner Beres Hammond. He is representing black liberation, black consciousness, and the teachings of Haile Selassie I....


Cleveland Reggae Band 1

  • 2,624 user views 0 reviews

This Cleveland Reggae Band mission is to utilize reggae music as a catalyst to unite all people. The Vision is to ensure that the voices of the oppressed are heard through reggae music. The band’s j...

Seattle Reggae Band 3

  • 2,253 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Reggae Band is for the true lovers of music and culture. The group was founded in early 2014 as a multi-genera musical performance platform, and has been a staple participant in the activ...


Los Angeles Reggae Band 1

  • 2,953 user views 0 reviews

The four members of this Los Angeles Reggae Band not only plays reggae but also rock, albeit extremely catchy reggae rock, would be rather deceiving. The singer, drummer, bassist and steel drummer can...


Jamaican Singer 1

  • 4,516 user views 0 reviews

This Jamaican Singer, born in 1987 and raised in Kingston Jamaica, is a highly ambitious young artist in the making with a plentiful portfolio; he has worked alongside some top producers throughout hi...