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Washington DC R&B Singer 3

  • 3,957 user views 9 reviews

Discovering this Washington DC R&B Singer's music is like enjoying a surprisingly great meal at the local cafe you’ve passed a thousand times before finally deciding to stop in. You thought you knew...


Washington DC R&B Singer 2

  • 3,701 user views 0 reviews

There are those that believe music has become too accessible, and is therefore a perfect storm for artistic mediocrity. There are even ramblings music has become "dumbed down." In the music sphere, th...

Washington DC R&B Singer 1

  • 11,228 user views 8 reviews

This Washington DC R&B Singer performs with the tenderness of a soul crooner, and in the same breath, with the grit and stamina of a rock star. He is the young new face of pop and urban music....

Washington DC R&B Band 1

  • 1,889 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this Washington DC R&B Band was born in Washington, DC. Known for his distinguishably coy style of performing, he is a rare and well sought after International Recording Artist and Music...


Trinidad R&B Singer 1

  • 2,914 user views 0 reviews

This Trinidad R&B Singer has been honing his craft secretly in Trinidad and patiently waiting for his time to shine. His influences come from the soul greats and recent R&B artists like Stevie Wonder,...


Sydney R&B Singer 1

  • 3,636 user views 0 reviews

This Sydney R&B Singer Songwriter is equally comfortable with R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Her voice blends elements of these genres naturally to create a unique sound where every note exceeds expectations...


Portland R&B Band 1

  • 3,539 user views 0 reviews

This acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and composer, founded this Portland R&B Band in 2008 with a 10-piece band. The first band comprised three vocalists; small horn section and a local band tha...


Philadelphia R&B Singer 1

  • 3,629 user views 0 reviews

This Philadelphia R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Arranger was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He was a child prodigy who grew up singing and playing instruments at the tender age of five....


Philadelphia Pop Singer 1

  • 2,934 user views 0 reviews

Beautiful, sensual, innovative, soulful and inspiring are just a few terms that would describe this Philadelphia Pop Singer, who embraces a touch of Rock Chick, R&B Diva, and Pop/Urban Princess. She h...


Perry Danos

  • 6,098 user views 0 reviews

Perry Danos hails from Chicago, where the blues went electric, and where, to this day, a boundless variety of sounds echoes through the city streets – from rock, blues and jazz to R&B, country and t...


Orlando R&B Singer 1

  • 1,799 user views 0 reviews

This Orlando R&B Singer is an entertainer, singer songwriter and actress. This artist has finally come into her own. With her new album in the works and constant stage shows in the mix, she is a force...


New York R&B Singer 3

  • 2,683 user views 0 reviews

This Smooth and Slick talking New York R&B Singer is an up and coming artist who is yet to be heard by mainstream America. He was born September 10, 1990 and was raised in the city of Newark, New Jers...