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Tucson Polka Band 2

  • 5,945 user views 0 reviews

This Polka Band was formed 14 years ago. They have been popular for dancing and have played at Mobile Home Parks, Senior Communities, Ethnic Clubs in Tucson, Fraternal Organizations, Tucson and Phoeni...


Toronto Polka Band 1

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This Toronto Polka Band can perform solo with Midi diatonic button box capable of playing more than just Slovenian and Oberkiriner Polka's (not your Fathers Polka Style modernized and authentic styles...


Stratford Polka Band 4

  • 5,101 user views 0 reviews

This Stratford Polka Band specializes in the kind of music Wisconsin greats Romy Gosz and Dick Rodgers used to play from the early 1930s to the early 1980s....


Seattle Polka Band 1

  • 9,690 user views 4 reviews

This Seattle Polka Band, widely regarded as Seattle's #1 polka band, have been around since May 17, 1995, when the band leader got a group of his friends at Cornish College of the Arts to form a polka...


San Francisco Polka Band 3

  • 1,984 user views 0 reviews

Hi Polka lovers. Welcome to this band's spot on the web. We are pleased to announce that in May 2003, this band was inducted into the San Francisco Style Polka Hall of Fame.Where do we start with the ...

San Francisco Polka Band 1

  • 2,008 user views 0 reviews

The accordionist of this San Francisco Polka Band came early to polka and stayed late. She has played in Polkacide, Thee Hellhounds and the Stir-ups. Her French music trio plays frequently in San Fran...


Pittsburgh Polka Band 1

  • 3,635 user views 0 reviews

This Pittsburgh Polka Band is serving the Pittsburgh-Metro area. They tailor their unique sound for your wedding, anniversary, class reunion, festival, and more. To suit your needs, the leader will fo...

Phoenix Polka Band 2

  • 7,601 user views 0 reviews

Nothing livens up an event or a party like a great band. This Phoenix Polka Band is a professional cover band that truly brings a sense of energy and excitement to any event....


Phoenix Polka Band 1

  • 2,943 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this Phoenix Polka Band started playing polka music in 1957, at that time playing the trumpet. He picked up the concertina in 1960 and has been performing both instruments ever since. He...

Philadelphia Polka Band 3

  • 2,818 user views 0 reviews

This Philadelphia Polka Band performs in Philadelphia and all throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Their past gigs included Prost Tavern, "Irish Oktoberfest" at Fado Irish Pub, corporate Oktoberfest ...


Philadelphia Polka Band 2

  • 3,716 user views 0 reviews

This Philadelphia Polka Band formed in January 1995. A young and energetic band releasing their first cassette in March 1995. Then in 1996 the band released their first full recording on cassette and ...

Philadelphia Polka Band 1

  • 3,104 user views 0 reviews

Founded in 1935, this Philadelphia Polka Band is dedicated to upholding the tradition and fostering the continued development of authentic German, Eastern European and American brass band music....