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San Bernardino Mariachi 1

  • 7,026 user views 0 reviews

Got Fiesta! This San Bernardino Mariachi has the music for you! They play all the best of Mexican trio and mariachi you get the best of both styles: Romantic boleros, cha-cha-chas, rancher...

Boston Mariachi 1

  • 9,207 user views 5 reviews

The leader of this Boston Mariachi group is a Mariachi singer by trade but has become a cultural icon for Latinos in Boston. She has effectively utilized the power of arts and culture to bring the com...

Austin Mariachi 7

  • 2,509 user views 0 reviews

With over 30 years experience in the greater Austin market, this Austin Mariachi not only provides traditional Mariachi music, but has a repertoire that ranges from late 50s doo wop to the more tradit...


Boston Mariachi 2

  • 7,247 user views 5 reviews

This Boston Mariachi group serves as an ambassador of the Mexican music. With soul and heart, it interprets the most beautiful songs of the enormous musical treasure that has placed Mexico before the ...


Boston Mariachi 3

  • 5,873 user views 0 reviews

Traditional Mexican Mariachi music is performed by this wonderful Boston Mariachi group....

San Jose Mariachi 1

  • 2,269 user views 2 reviews

This San Jose Mariachi group aim is to please everyone. They offer many packages to meet the needs of their clients. Their work is professional and each musician has more than 15 years of experience i...

Baltimore Mariachi 1

  • 3,620 user views 0 reviews

This Baltimore Mariachi group offers the best Mexican musicians in the DC area. They play the traditional mariachi repertoire. They perform in traditional mariachi costumes with traditional mariachi i...


Minneapolis Mariachi 3

  • 5,592 user views 1 reviews

This Minneapolis Mariachi group plays a combination of old and new repertoire including sones, rancheras, huapangos, cumbias, as well as some pop favorites and international hits as far back as the 50...


Indianapolis Mariachi 1

  • 8,516 user views 1 reviews

In February 10, 1999, this Indianapolis Mariachi group relocated to Indianapolis and thanks to the support of both the Hispanic and American community, they were able to form a second group. This grou...


Austin Mariachi 2

  • 3,199 user views 0 reviews

This Austin Mariachi group is comprised of musicians from San Antonio, Laredo, Odessa, and Austin. They have a definite Texas sound, yet still authentic to Mexico. All of the musicians of this group a...

Chicago Mariachi 1

  • 4,261 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago Mariachi group started in the city of Chicago in the year 2004. The leader of this group put together a group of talented musicians who had a great desire to maintain the style of the reg...


Chicago Mariachi 2

  • 8,874 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago Mariachi group started in 1997. The leader of the band gathered the most talented musicians in the Chicago area. The group today comprised of 10 members. They play traditional sones, huap...