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Washington DC Latin Band 1

  • 8,113 user views 6 reviews

This Washington DC Latin Band unites and inspires audiences around the globe with their inimitable blend of Flamenco, Pop, and Latin Dance Music. Enjoyed by political luminaries stateside and abroad, ...


Spanish Singer 3

  • 7,208 user views 0 reviews

This Spanish Singer is a singer born in Andalucia (Spain), as a child she knew that the stage was his life and worked in theater and in musicals whenever she had the chance. She is a versatile singer ...

Seattle Latin Band 5

  • 2,340 user views 0 reviews

This band was founded in 1990 by the leader of the band to explore new directions in the blending of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jazz. For over a decade, this Seattle Latin Band has performed original Lati...

Seattle Latin Band 4

  • 3,027 user views 0 reviews

This is the acoustic music from the Cuban countryside that is considered to be one of the primary roots of modern salsa. It is typically played on the tres (cuban style guitar), guitar, bass, bongo, c...


Seattle Latin Band 3

  • 2,271 user views 0 reviews

With a repertoire ranging from jazz standards to contemporary classics and latin jazz originals, this versatile Seattle Latin Band provides a sophisticated atmosphere for any gathering....

Seattle Latin Band 2

  • 34,799 user views 12 reviews

Since 1999, this Seattle Latin Band has challenged and redefined the characteristic sound of Northwest Salsa scene. Never afraid to incorporate new ideas, or to drop others that have been exploited. T...

Seattle Latin Band 1

  • 7,651 user views 7 reviews

This Seattle Latin Band is a six-piece Latin ensemble, which is known in the Northwest for their joyful and energetic performances. A unique combination of musicians allows this band to combine tradit...


San Jose Latin Singer 1

  • 2,612 user views 0 reviews

This San Jose Latin Singer quit her job as a graphic designer at Cisco Systems, Inc. to pursue her passion for music and she’s never looked back. Since then the award-winning composer has released f...


San Francisco Latin Ensemble 1

  • 1,740 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Latin Ensemble specializes in Latin American music from the past and the present. They sing and play guitar, charango, quena and zampoñas (from Bolivia), cuatro (from Venezuela), c...

San Francisco Latin Band 8

  • 2,182 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Latin Band was formed in Stockton, California and from 1961 to 1967, they worked under the representation of Enrique Olivarez, lead vocalist for the band. From 1967 to 1977 the band...

San Francisco Latin Band 3

  • 3,930 user views 3 reviews

This San Francisco Latin Band's trumpet player and band leader has been playing trumpet for more than 20 years but chooses not to reveal her age. Describing her trumpet playing would be similar to the...


San Francisco Latin Band 2

  • 2,356 user views 0 reviews

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio into a family of professional musicians it is no surprise that this San Francisco Latin Band leader found himself drawn to the origin of all music: Rhythm. His father is a woo...