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Pittsburgh Klezmer Band 1

  • 2,000 user views 0 reviews

Thank you for your interest in this Pittsburgh Klezmer Band. This ensemble has been performing and playing Klezmer music in the Pittsburgh region and nationally for 25 years. The recording artists who...


Chicago Klezmer Band 1

  • 19,208 user views 22 reviews

This Chicago Klezmer Band, founded in 1983, brings a kaleidoscope of colors and moods and a spirit of fun to their performances. The combination of dance music, folk songs, theatre medleys and jazzy Y...


New York Klezmer Band 1

  • 11,414 user views 9 reviews

In addition to concerts this New York Klezmer Band teaches instrumental workshops in bluegrass and klezmer as well as presenting the wealth of stories and demonstrations that link these two kinds of m...

Houston Klezmer Band 1

  • 3,341 user views 2 reviews

This Houston Klezmer Band members bring a wealth of experience to this lively performing ensemble. The musicians are all professionals and have strong backgrounds in Jewish music. Many have degrees in...


Los Angeles Klezmer Band 1

  • 3,392 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Klezmer Band is a quartet and sometimes a quintet of Los Angeles based musicians that play traditional Jewish wedding music from pre-1917 Eastern Europe as well as contemporary origin...