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New York Obama Impersonator 1

  • 2,695 user views 5 reviews

This New York Obama Impersonator is an actor, entertainer and impersonator. He is the president's closest natural look alike and has earned the nickname "Obama's Clone". He is a United States Army vet...


Las Vegas Katy Perry Impersonator 1

  • 4,419 user views 0 reviews

This Las Vegas Katy Perry Impersonator comes from a very strong performance background, especially in dance. She has traveled professionally since she was 18 years old internationally including the wo...


Toronto Lady Gaga Impersonator 1

  • 3,170 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Lady Gaga Impersonator is one of the world's best Lady Gaga Impersonators out there. She is an award winning singer and actress whose voice sounds identical to Lady Gaga. She plays piano,...


New York Barbra Streisand Impersonator 1

  • 3,215 user views 0 reviews

This New York Barbra Streisand Impersonator, who started out as an actress, became a Barbra Streisand impersonator after audiences in a play she was in kept telling her, “You sound just like Barbra ...

Toronto Marilyn Monroe Impersonator 1

  • 2,112 user views 0 reviews

This Toronto Marilyn Monroe Impersonator is an award winning actress and singer. As Marilyn she can sing and charm any party or event. Marilyn standards include Happy Birthday Mr. President, Diamond's...

UK Elton John Impersonator 1

  • 1,471 user views 0 reviews

This UK Elton John Impersonator is an international tribute act that has been involved in the tribute world since the late 80s and has toured the globe with his show ROCKETMAN, a tribute to Sir Elton ...

Miami Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

  • 6,777 user views 1 reviews

This St Louis Michael Jackson Impersonator is the number one Michael Jackson tribute artist in the world! If you are looking to be truly amazed you need to look no further. He brings every ounce of hi...

Melbourne Elton John Impersonator 1

  • 1,856 user views 0 reviews

This Melbourne Elton John Tribute Act is a unique and entertaining tribute to Sir Elton John, one of the most iconic popular music figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. His show covers Elton’s rem...

Washington DC Frank Sinatra Impersonator 1

  • 1,774 user views 0 reviews

This Washington DC Frank Sinatra Impersonator has been named the Las Vegas Tribute Artist of the Year by the who's who of Las Vegas Rat Pack performers, producers and members of Frank Sinatra Jrs. org...

Michael Buble Impersonator

  • 311 user views 0 reviews

This Michael Buble Impersonator new show has recently got the attention of a Broadway show! He sings in the style of Grammy-winning crooner, Michael Buble while surrounded by an amazing band and beaut...

Minneapolis Frank Sinatra Impersonator 1

  • 2,873 user views 2 reviews

This Minneapolis Frank Sinatra Impersonator has entertained around the country and Canada for over 30 years. He is based in the Midwest but travels to the audience. His shows can be customized and run...

Boston Elton John Impersonator 1

  • 1,974 user views 0 reviews

This Boston Elton John Impersonator is the Premier Elton John Impersonator. His vocals are exactly like Elton John’s and his piano playing is right on the money!...