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Louisville Accordionist 1

  • 680 user views 0 reviews

This Louisville Accordionist specializes in traditional music for all occasions. European themes are his specialty: French, Italian, Irish and Polkas! He also performs early American Standards and Tra...

Charlotte German Band 2

  • 1,041 user views 0 reviews

Welcome to the world of this Charlotte German Band a fun loving, spontaneous group of musicians endeavoring to bring about smiles, laughter and just good, wholesome fun through their entertainment. Th...

Nashville Polka Band 1

  • 1,565 user views 0 reviews

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this Nashville Polka Band is a traditional Bavarian polka party band, performing a wide assortment of polkas and waltzes from numerous European countries such as Poland,...

Boston Oompah Band 1

  • 2,335 user views 2 reviews

This Boston Oompah Band is a lively traditional German oompah band that will add festive music to your Oktoberfest and other celebrations. They perform German, Swiss, Austrian and Bavarian music, such...

Seattle German Band 3

  • 2,533 user views 1 reviews

In 1983, the leader of this Seattle German Band started a dance band. Her brother became the drummer for the band. A repertoire of polka and country music was added in 1986. In 1992 and 1994, the band...


Washington DC German Band 5

  • 6,042 user views 0 reviews

May we invite you to use this Washington DC German Band for your next musical engagement? They are specialists in modern European music and have worked together in the Washington-Baltimore and Virgini...


San Francisco German Band 2

  • 6,073 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco German Band members are some of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest professional musical ensembles. With a wide range and variety of styles, they offer you an unparalleled selection...


Los Angeles German Band 3

  • 1,918 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this Los Angeles German Band is an accordionist. Ah but this is not your usual accordion. This is a Roland V Accordion. She plays a wide variety of music but hery forte is music for ball...

New York German Band 2

  • 2,499 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this New York German Band has performed not only for German Oktoberfests but also all around gigs for German crowds on 86th Street, New York, in the 70s. The Lorelei gave him Mondays and...


Seattle Oompah Band 1

  • 4,200 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle Oompah Band has performed for forty years as the Pacific Northwest’s foremost German Oompah band. Comprising of ten professional musicians from all walks of life, the band members all s...


Chicago German Band 4

  • 2,841 user views 0 reviews

This Chicago German Band is the newest European-American Band to hit the stage in the Chicagoland area, and they are very excited to finally be online. Here you can learn a little about the band, list...

Boston German Band 4

  • 15,207 user views 8 reviews

This Boston German Band plays for parades, picnics, parties, ballgames and events of every kind. Second time around Weddings only. This is an Oktoberfest show band and they will travel. They played fo...