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Philadelphia Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 3,092 user views 0 reviews

This guitarist is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on the classical & flamenco guitar, oud, Chinese pipa and highland bagpipes. His study of the guitar started after hearing the music of Joan...


Egyptian Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 2,666 user views 0 reviews

This Egyptian Flamenco Guitarist and Composer launched his solo career in 1997. He is a unique mixture of different styles. He drew upon his jazz Influence, Arabian roots and flamenco passions to crea...

Miami Guitarist 1

  • 209 user views 0 reviews

At 11 years old, for some reason, this Miami Guitarist thought it was a good idea to play brass instruments bigger and heavier than him in the school marching band. Six years later he switched to Meta...

Gipsy Kings Tribute Band 1

  • 7,780 user views 0 reviews

This Gipsy Kings Tribute Band was formed in Spain by four friends who love rumba and flamenco. The group's goal is to bring the soul of Andalusia (Southern Spain) to anywhere in the world through the ...

Seattle Flamenco Band 1

  • 5,075 user views 0 reviews

This award-winning Seattle Flamenco Band has made extensive concert, festival, and cabaret appearances throughout Spain and the United States. Often performing with guest artists, they specialize in c...


Albany Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 13,844 user views 9 reviews

This internationally acclaimed Albany Flamenco Guitarist, from New York, is one of the few touring female flamenco guitarists in the world. Her program offers a range of Spanish inspired music from Tr...

Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist

  • 424 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Flamenco Guitarist plays with prerecorded background music, bringing a richer, fuller sound than most solo musicians, at a much lower cost than a full band. Taking up a small space, h...


San Francisco Flamenco Band 1

  • 2,600 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Flamenco Band is an infectious musical mix of Flamenco Rumba, Latin, and Brazilian, intricately and virtuosically crafted into the perfect blend of delicious moods for your event. ...


New York Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 3,091 user views 0 reviews

As a highly trained professional, with over ten years of performance expertise, this New York Flamenco Guitarist is the perfect choice to enliven your event. Bringing passion for music to every affair...

Atlanta Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 430 user views 0 reviews

This Atlanta Flamenco Guitarist performs, composes and arranges contemporary world music inspired by modern Flamenco and a variety of Latin and Ethnic styles. His specialty is music for private and co...


UK Gipsy Kings Tribute Band 1

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This UK Gipsy Kings Tribute Band is the foremost Gipsy Kings Act available anywhere after the Original Gipsy-Kings. The trio has been working from a UK base and have performed worldwide....

San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist 1

  • 5,284 user views 5 reviews

This San Francisco Flamenco Guitarist and lifetime composer's musical wanderings finally converged in Granada, Spain, where he would live and study for several years under renowned gypsy guitarists, R...