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Denver Disc Jockey 1

  • 460 user views 0 reviews

One of this Denver Disc Jockey major strengths as a DJ is his ability to play virtually every type of music with an extensive knowledge of the many genres and styles with expert programming (playing t...

Las Vegas Disc Jockey 1

  • 1,866 user views 0 reviews

This Las Vegas Disc Jockey was the first female on-air mixer at the No. 1 Top 40 radio station in America, 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. This Clear Channel station with over 2.6 million listeners each...

Dallas Disc Jockey 2

  • 1,694 user views 0 reviews

This Dallas Disc Jockey is an established Disc Jockey based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2009, he has played all genres of music in venues ranging from Medieval Times to Capital One Corpo...

Los Angeles Disc Jockey 9

  • 1,435 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Disc Jockey is not only a Disc Jockey but also a producer, a drummer and a percussionist. Known for his electronica band, he has been featured on TV, film and has toured the world as ...


Minneapolis Disc Jockey 1

  • 8,370 user views 5 reviews

This Minneapolis Disc Jockey has been providing superior event planning and entertainment services for all styles of events since 2011. Armed with a BA in Theater production as well as hundreds of suc...


International House DJ 1

  • 2,213 user views 0 reviews

This International House DJ has, since the beginning of the 90s, become immediately famous as one of the most appreciated DJs in the house music panorama. At once he stands out in reference spots like...


International Disc Jockeys 1

  • 5,146 user views 0 reviews

These International Disc Jockeys have at their credit years of solo career as DJ and producers and have individually remixed the most important names of international pop music: from Black Eyed Peas t...


New Orleans Disc Jockey 1

  • 3,388 user views 0 reviews

This New Orleans Disc Jockey was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. He knew he wanted to be a DJ at a very early age. The excitement he witnessed as a youngster never left him. He knew then h...


London Disc Jockey 1

  • 2,396 user views 0 reviews

Having a passion for music as a young boy this London Disc Jockey started to build a large collection of different styles where he began to mix different genres together then began to DJ at friends pa...


DJ Simon Reed

  • 3,214 user views 0 reviews

DJ Simon Reed has a great knowledge of the industry and has clocked up some 15 years experience playing in large venues across the UK, Europe and the world. He has that feel for the club, the ability ...


Ryan Daniel

  • 2,769 user views 0 reviews

Ryan Daniel regularly DJ at Commercial and Underground music events. The main genre of music that he works with includes Deep House, Techno and Disco. Others include House, commercial Dance and Electr...


Mark Anthony

  • 4,341 user views 0 reviews

For over 30 Years Mark Anthony has served Youngstown, Ohio and The Mahoning Valley with Disc Jockey Entertainment. For over 10 years he has been officiating Wedding Ceremonies and has been providing b...