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Los Angeles Country Band 4

  • 2,583 user views 0 reviews

Music has always been a huge part of the leader of this Los Angeles Country Band life ever since he was a young boy. He would watch his father Dale, standing on the stage singing and playing the music...

Los Angeles Country Band 5

  • 2,448 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Country Band is a “power-pop” country act, mixing contemporary country music and rock n’ roll guitar driven songs. Led by Paul Justin, who trade off on the lead vocals and guita...


Los Angeles Country Band 6

  • 3,548 user views 0 reviews

According to the manager of the main watering hole, "This Los Angeles Country Band is the best country band in Orange County!"...

Los Angeles Country Band 1

  • 3,157 user views 0 reviews

This band is an upbeat, exciting Bluegrass and Country band featuring vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bass. They have recorded for CMH records, and can be heard on such compilations as I-35 Texas...


Los Angeles Country Band 2

  • 3,504 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this Los Angeles Country Band, a shy, conservative, handsome, young, country gentleman enters the stage and begins to push the musical and entertainment boundaries as hard as he pushes h...

Los Angeles Country Band 3

  • 2,856 user views 0 reviews

While playing funk-rock saxophone in all of the "Pay-to-Play", "High Profile" venues of L.A.'s intense music scene, two of the musicians of this v decided to slow down, pick up a couple of acoustic gu...

San Antonio Country Band 1

  • 5,692 user views 0 reviews

This San Antonio Country Band has been performing in South Texas and the Hill Country for over 20 years. They perform at many festivals, conventions, private parties, and trail rides, in addition to p...


St Louis Country Band 1

  • 3,704 user views 0 reviews

This St Louis Country Band is a full 6 piece band with a modern/edge country sound. They perform Country/Rock music, old and new. They have male and female vocals/Duets....


Boston Americana Band 1

  • 7,333 user views 4 reviews

You can call it ‘Americana’, ‘Roots’, or just plain ‘Rock 'n Roll’; labels really don't matter to this Boston Americana Band. Their goals are simple: write great songs, record high quality...


Memphis Country Band 1

  • 3,341 user views 0 reviews

This great Memphis Country Band plays your favorite traditional country, outlaw country, country rock, 50's & 60's and Elvis hits.The members of this band have been playing music for over 30 years. Th...


San Francisco Americana Singer 1

  • 2,458 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Americana Singer, who seamlessly blends Americana, Blues, Country and Rock into her music, received her "Producer's Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year" plaque at the Los Angeles...


Hartford Bluegrass Band 1

  • 11,888 user views 8 reviews

This Hartford Bluegrass Band was first a powerhouse duo joining forces a few years ago to explore their mutual love of country standards, served up with an acoustic treatment in the bluegrass vein. Th...