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Jackson Caribbean Band 1

  • 5,497 user views 0 reviews

This Caribbean Band plays music in the spirit of the great Trinidad tradition of Calypso and sweet steel pan music. From gig to gig they may use different personnel. For small budgets the leader of th...


Los Angeles Caribbean Band 6

  • 2,206 user views 0 reviews

What happens when three rock and roll castaways from this Los Angeles Caribbean Band are shipwrecked on an uncharted island with nothing to entertain themselves but some instruments that happened to w...


San Diego Caribbean Band 1

  • 18,195 user views 10 reviews

Set your "Tropical" or "South Of The Border" theme party off right with the sizzling sounds of this band. If you want it spicy and hot, this steel drum band can get you on the dance floor with Latin f...

Los Angeles Caribbean Band 2

  • 3,017 user views 1 reviews

This Caribbean band has been playing a lively variety of music since the group was started in 1993 by a vocalist/steel drum player.An Anaheim, CA native and resident, the leader of the band became fas...

Los Angeles Caribbean Band 3

  • 24,849 user views 8 reviews

This Los Angeles Caribbean Band specializes in (but not limited to) steel drum band, reggae, soca, calypso, Jimmy Buffet, ska and latin music....

Los Angeles Caribbean Band 4

  • 3,017 user views 0 reviews

This Steel Drum Band captures the mood of the tropics with the exciting sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean.They have performed all over the world including Trinidad, the home of the steel drum. With ...

Los Angeles Caribbean Band 5

  • 2,823 user views 0 reviews

This Steel Drummer was born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Boca Raton, Florida and attended college at Wichita State University in Kansas where he earned his BME degree in Music Education under the dir...

Baltimore Caribbean Band 1

  • 2,972 user views 0 reviews

The leader of this Baltimore Caribbean Band was born in Washington, DC. Known for his distinguishably coy style of performing, he is a rare and well sought after International Recording Artist and Mus...


Tampa Steel Drummer 1

  • 3,752 user views 0 reviews

From Singapore to Key West, Manhattan to the Caribbean, crowds of all ages and nationalities have seen this Tampa Steel Drummer performs solo and in bands. Everyone loves the exotic, romantic ring and...

Chicago Caribbean Band 1

  • 2,469 user views 0 reviews

This band brings the fresh sounds of the Caribbean, the Florida Keys and Latin America to Chicago area audiences featuring steel drums, keyboard, vocals and percussion.Performing together since 1990, ...


Boston Caribbean Band 1

  • 3,102 user views 0 reviews

This Boston Caribbean Band has been bringing the sweet sounds of the Caribbean to New England since 1991. They are an authentic, mixed ethnic ensemble consisting of two steel drummers, an electric bas...


Los Angeles Steel Drummer 1

  • 2,561 user views 0 reviews

This Los Angeles Steel Drummer radiates a laid-back beach party vibe somewhere between Margaritaville and Tommy Bahama style. It’s a role he’s enjoyed for nearly three decades - an ambassador of g...