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Brazilian Singer 3

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This Brazilian Singer was born in Bahia, Brazil. He performed with different bands for 12 years playing guitar and singing. Today, he is starting a career as a solo singer and composer....

Chicago Brazilian Band 1

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This Chicago Brazilian Band provides live music and Samba dancing. The band has been together for over 30 years and plays a variety of styles of the most popular artistic expression in Brazil....

Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist

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This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist, composer and producer, has been living in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. He has been working for studios, live, TV and film projects, as well as teaching for ...

Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist 1

  • 11,203 user views 13 reviews

This Los Angeles Brazilian Guitarist was born in February 27, 1964 in Brazil. He is a graduate of Seminários de Música Pró-Arte, a prestigious music school in Rio de Janeiro. He studied with Maestr...


Los Angeles Brazilian Singer 1

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This Los Angeles Brazilian Singer sings Brazilian and Jazz music. She is a native of Los Angeles who moved to Brazil in the mid-90s. Living there for over a decade, she came to learn and embody the ri...

Marco Campos

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Marco Campos is a Brazilian acoustic guitarist and composer. Over the years, he has been very active at Brazilian and international music scene, acting as a soloist, sideman or writing music for balle...


Miami Brazilian Band 1

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This Miami Brazilian Band's music has the power to cause emotions to well up within us. These feelings are gripping often irresistible and seem to emerge from nowhere. These feelings color our moods, ...

Miami Brazilian Group 1

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Experience fabulous entertainment with this Miami Brazilian group. A Rio - Las Vegas Style Show that features: Professional Dancers, Extravagant Costumes, Famous Musicians, Exciting Drummers and Capoe...


Miami Brazilian Luxurious Costumes 1

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These Miami Brazilian Luxurious Costumes performers will be the life of your next party. Imagine having gorgeous Brazilian performers meet and greet your guests with fabulous Luxurious costumes....


Miami Capoeira Dancers 1

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These Capoeira Dancers bring an electrifying martial art that synchronizes grace, power and agility. It was brought to Brazil in the 16th century by Africans from Angola. They had to masquerade it as ...


Miami Lambada Dancers 1

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These Lambada Dancers perform another popular dance that comes from Belém, at the border of Eastern Amazon, the now world-famous "Lambada". The dance - voluptuous, sensual and downright carnal - is a...

Miami Samba Dancers 1

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These Miami Samba Dancers' dance shows are one of the most colorful, extravagant and exciting acts available for private or corporate special events, and our very own samba dancers in South Florida ar...