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San Francisco Kora Player 1

  • 884 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco Kora Player is a San Francisco based composer, multi instrumentalist, accompanist, singer-songwriter, electronic musician, looper, producer, film and dance score composer and innova...

Abafazi Be Ngoma

  • 1,783 user views 0 reviews

Abafazi Be Ngoma (women in song) celebrates the power of women through song and dance. When they enter the stage dressed in their vibrant African inspired costumes some stationed in front of a marimba...


  • 7,329 user views 0 reviews

Noumoucounda is a Kora player, percussionist and lead vocalist. He is a perfectionist artist, committed and with a sense of improvisation and extraordinary adaptation....


Detroit African Drummer 1

  • 3,296 user views 0 reviews

This Detroit African Drummer was born in Detroit and has been an African Drummer Lorist for over 25 Years. He has studied formally and informally with African and African American Master Musicians fro...

Portland African Band 2

  • 5,023 user views 0 reviews

This Portland African Band is comprised of a group of dancers and drummers performing traditional Ghanaian music and dance and they are based in Portland, Oregon....


World Band 3

  • 3,220 user views 0 reviews

In 2005, the two members of this World Band met in Basel, Switzerland and decided to travel together in Cameroon. Upon their return, they decided to launch their musical project. With an amalgamation ...



  • 3,120 user views 0 reviews

Zuluwannsago is an 11 piece Afro-fusion specialized in irresistible grooves. The band leader of this band is a master drummer with extensive knowledge of the many intricate rhythms of his native Ghana...



  • 6,694 user views 2 reviews

Baoku is a big band filled with life, vibrance, excitement, and hope. Hope that when you dance uncontrollably to the Nigerian inspired rhythms and rich jazz horns that your celebration at the show wil...

San Francisco African Band 3

  • 3,041 user views 0 reviews

This San Francisco African Band, professional, original and unique, electrifying and captivating musical feast. They can perform nationally and internationally for Festivals, Corporate Events, Univers...


San Francisco African Band 1

  • 5,108 user views 3 reviews

This African Band based in San Francisco is an authentic all-star group of West African music veterans. Together, they revive the band's dance classics, with a fusion of African and world musics. Rich...


San Francisco African Band 2

  • 3,667 user views 0 reviews

This master musician and his brothers reside in San Francisco. They are among the few top contemporary Nigerian musicians with deep roots in African folk and highlife music. They put together their me...



  • 3,620 user views 0 reviews

Born in Mozambique, Sukuma has won the much sought after "Ngoma Mozambique" prize for he first recordings, and has quickly become one of the most popular musicians in his country....