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Washington DC World Band 1

The Singer/Songwriter of this Washington DC World Band has been part of the Washington, D.C. live music scene for the past ten years. He began his career collaborating with Dance Club Djs, leading up to the release of the single, "Keep it Together." This track blew up the Afro-House club scene, and inspired him to form a band. The band's stunning live performances and reputation, paved the way toward exciting creative opportunities to share the stage with many national artists such as Jeffrey Osborne, Nester Torres, Angela Bofill,and Najee, to mention a few.

Washington DC World Band nominations

After three years of collaborations with other bands such as Chopteeth, numerous live concerts, recordings, and four Wammie nominations, he returns to the stage with this Washington DC World Band and his signature infectious groove that's guaranteed to get you moving.

Washington DC World Band style

This Washington DC World Band combines world rhythms with warm melodious songs that entice the music lover's attention. The band brings together accomplished musicians with unique expressions, talents and perspectives. The result of this rich collaboration has been described as a "Celebration of the essential spirit of music-making; distinctive and memorable, with a universal vital energy and upbeat attitude.” Get ready to dance!

Notable mentions: Wammie nomination 2008.

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Country United States
City Washington
State/Province District of Columbia
Performer Type Musical Act

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