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Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit is a 5-piece Olympia Scandinavian Band specializing in traditional music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Their repertoire include music for waltz, schottische, polka, hambo, pols and polska, as well as mixer and circle dances.

Nordic Spirit performances

Nordic Spirit has played in concerts and dances at Seattle's Folklife Festival for the last 14 years. They have performed at Seattle Scandia Balls, Scandia Midsommar Festivals, Bainbridge Island Scandinavian Dances, Seattle Swedish Club Dances, Olympia Artwalk, Olympia Ethnic Festivals, Rochester Midsommar Festivals and St. Lucia Celebrations, and Centralia Syttende Mai Celebrations.

Nordic Spirit music

The band is available to play for performances at special events, concerts and dances. The music is tailored to fit the interests of people attending the event. If desired, easy mixer dances for non-dancers can be taught to the audience by Nordic Spirit.

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