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Seattle Fanfare Trumpets

There Are Grand Entrances and Then There Are Absolutely, Positively, Make-Their-Jaws-Drop Grand Entrances! If you are looking for the latter, you have come to the right place: these Seattle Fanfare Trumpets transforms ordinary weddings into spectacular and memorable experiences.

Imagine the golden tones of the polished, full length herald trumpets ringing loud and clear as you make your way into the most important celebration of your life. Crested banners dangle triumphantly to add an extra air of pageantry and class to your event making it even better than you dreamed possible! This unique ensemble integrates sophisticated, old world charm into your event turning into a unique, “one of a kind” experience.

Since 1990 these Seattle Fanfare Trumpets has provided customized musical introductions for hundreds of weddings and ceremonies in the Northwest. They will make your special day sensational and unforgettable!

Seattle Fanfare Trumpets benefits

Reliability-An impeccable record of over 1000 happy clients since 1990
Triumphant musical introductions that create a festive atmosphere for your special event.
A full wardrobe of coordinated costuming options and more!

Seattle Fanfare Trumpets benefits

Amazing results since 1990
Free consultation
Exclusive selection of music (we are the only group with these custom wedding fanfares)
These Seattle Fanfare Trumpets will make your event a hassle-free success, 100 percent guaranteed!

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