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Washington DC Vocal Group 1

This Washington DC Vocal Group is comprised of 5 performers, all vocal, a cappella cover band. Using no instruments or backing music, they create all of the music through innovative arrangements and the use of electronic effects processors to enhance the product. Although the music is created solely by the vocalist’s voices, the use of effects processors creates a full-instrument band sound. With heavy percussion and sub-harmonic bass, they make music similar to any other full-instrument band.

They were originally conceived in February 2013. After months of personnel adjustments, this Washington DC Vocal Group was solidified in November 2013.

Washington DC Vocal Group influences

Because of the diversity in ages and backgrounds of the members, R&B and hip-hop artists from the 1970s thru 1990s heavily influence the music selection covered by the band. The goal of this Washington DC Vocal Group in live performances is to create a “party” like atmosphere with recognizable, up-tempo, high-energy music.

Washington DC Vocal Group performance

Today this Washington DC Vocal Group continues to perform at live shows, and produces their own professionally produced music that is available on all major digital outlets.

Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop
Style: A cappella
Audience Demographic: All ages (they do have some adult content music that is played only for audiences and venues 21+)
Tag line: We make dope noise

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