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Tom Baker Impersonator 1

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Tom Baker Impersonator 1

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Tom Baker Impersonator 1

It all began in the early eighties when this Tom Baker Impersonator played the 4th Doctor for the BBC Enterprises Dr Who Exhibition, following a national press exposure with Tom Baker (….”he looks more like me than I do”…Tom Baker 1978).

This Tom Baker Impersonator has been fascinated with Doctor Who since his early days as a young boy of 12 when he first met Tom Baker in Blackpool for the illuminations switching on. Three years later he was featured with Tom Baker in the National Press. This was his dream come true, working alongside his favorite characters and monsters. Through his experience he discovered how to make props and their mechanics.

Tom Baker Impersonator artistry

At the age of 14, this Tom Baker Impersonator attempted to build a Dalek making it partly from memory and partly from Radio Times Special magazine. As it was made only from hardboard and papier-mache it didn’t come out to the television standard, but none the less his skills proved even at that age to be quite artistic. He kept on building and his work includes miniatures as well as full size replicas of articles such as the Police Box, Cyberman’s helmet, K-9, Davros and various other monster masks.

Credits to thisTom Baker Impersonator appearances as Dr Who are: the film Pissboy, promoting Corgi Toys for Harrods for the 40th Anniversary, Sky TV, 3 Phones, Flash Detergent, several BBC Radio Interviews, special guest appearance in Kingdom series fir ITV.

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