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Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band 1

This Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band provides the complete Aerosmith experience; not only does the lead singer look and sound remarkably like Steven Tyler, capturing his style, moves and soaring vocals, but each Aerosmith musician is strikingly represented. Together, they recreate Aerosmith’s unique and powerful sound, bringing every rock anthem to life for their enthusiastic audience.

Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band leader

The lead vocalist of this Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band has the amazing look and sound of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. His bands have played such well-known venues as Hard Rock Cafe, Cooper’stown, and the Stone San Francisco, as well as casinos and venues throughout the United States and overseas. With his soaring vocal style, he has hit the stage with acts such Chuck Berry, Bang Tango, Pat Travers, and the Joe Perry Project. He was also lead vocalist with the renowned San Francisco hard rock band, Control.

Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band members

Lead Guitar and Slide
The lead guitarist of this Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band is a guitar whiz who recently took top honors in Guitar Center's King of the Blues guitar contest. He has played in many well-known Phoenix area bands, including Creepsville 666, Ultimate Van Halen and Bad Reputation (Joan Jett tribute), His bands have opened for the Pat Travers Band, Papa Roach, Blues Traveler, Cinderella, The Tubes, and the Dwarves. He was also chosen to be a member of KDKB Radio's Sludge's Build a Band. His guitar prowess allows him to recreate the exact sound of Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

Bass and Backing Vocals
The bassist of this Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band worked in L.A. with The Go-Kats and DTP. He also founded and fronted the outlaw-punk band The Relics, who released the record "Dig It". He currently hosts a Radio Show at an online radio station playing exclusively local unsigned bands. His thunderous bass tone provides the solid backbone of the band's sound.

Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
The other lead guitarist of this Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band played and recorded in Los Angeles with the band Tyrant. He performed in the Scott Rowe Alice Cooper tribute band that occasionally featured original Cooper guitarist Michael Bruce, which toured extensively throughout the United States. His current side project is with the original members of Tyrant, reunited under the new moniker Tyrants Temple. His sonic guitar skills will leave you breathless and wanting for more.

Drums and Percussion
​The drummers of this Phoenix Aerosmith Tribute Band, a musician all of his life, has worked with Carvin Jones (international blues artist), Electric Mud, Zen (Capitol Records), and Second Skin (Cleopatra Records). He has also worked with musicians who are associated with RCA, Electra,Capital,and MCA, Records. He is a highly sought -after drum instructor and has been playing professionally for three decades. His playing is in the vein of John Bonham,Buddy Rich,Ian Paice, and, of course, Joe Kramer among many greats!

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