New York Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

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New York Michael Jackson Impersonator 1

This live concert captures the true essence of Michael Jackson in a unique manner. It focuses on the effect his music has had on generations of people throughout our world.

It is a great production built around the extraordinary talent of this New York Michael Jackson Impersonator. Once he graces the stage with his interpretation of Michael Jackson, you will witness the only person yet seen capable of mesmerizing entire audiences of every culture.

He is not an “impersonator” of the great Michael Jackson.

New York Michael Jackson Impersonator beginnings

Little did this New York Michael Jackson Impersonator know at age seven his beginning performances as Michael Jackson of the “Jackson Five”, was the start of his becoming an “interpreter” of the “Great King of Pop” now legendary with mesmerizing power.

Proudly, he became a “celebrity” in his home town of Newark, New Jersey when seven years old. He performed as Michael of the “Jackson Five”. The Motown song, “ABC” was the community show stopping performance acquainting him to a professional career unfolding eleven years later in the famed, Las Vegas.

This New York Michael Jackson Impersonator headlined in the famous Showrooms of the Sands and Tropicana Hotels as a Michael Jackson Impersonator. He was the only costumed “impersonator” who did not “lip sync” the Michael Jackson hits. He clearly sang and interpreted the music and superbly performed the choreography. The show’s choreographer was amazed at the accuracy and permitted the choreography to be done by this artist himself. There were several reviews written all of them stating the amazement and accuracy of his true voice.

Great personal career decisions made this New York Michael Jackson Impersonator able to utilize his own true vocal instrument as himself. He became a lead vocalist for the Record Industry notables: The Funk Brothers and Philadelphia’s own, MFSB.

New York Michael Jackson Impersonator credits

He has shared the stage with Billy Preston, Steve Winwood, Chaka Khan and the Eagles.
He wrote songs for the legendary Jazz Artist George Benson and the “R&B” Sensation, Joe.
He has performed internationally in many famous venues. In London, England, he performed at the Royal Festival Hall for the Queen and Paul McCartney. Generously, he has co­produced beginning artists inspiring their careers.

The soon to be released music of his very own will touch lives internationally. Little did this New York Michael Jackson Impersonator know at age seven just how true his Musical Gifts and Stage Presence Destiny would be…

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