New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band

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New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band

This New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band was originally founded by two brothers who learned to play guitar at early ages. They were soon exposed to the Gipsy Kings and Flamenco music which inspired them to pursue skills on the guitar with all that heavy influence of the Reyes and Baliardos (Gipsy Kings).

New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band albums

Eventually the crowds started to noticing an interesting rhythm and sounds from them. In 1999 they went to Spain looking for Gypsy Flamenco experiences. There, they found Gypsy friends who enjoyed listening to them singing and playing guitar. In 2000 they decided to move to USA and formed their New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band that eventually became one of the most recognized band in the Rumba-Flamenco scene in US. They have recorded four albums with original music heavily influenced by the sounds and rhythm of la Camargue (south of France) where the Gipsy Kings came from.

New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band collaboration

In Los Angeles, they met Mario Reyes and Georges Reyes both members actual touring members of the Gipsy Kings family. They started playing at private events in Beverly Hills and many other areas in south California. They found very inspiring to perform with Mario Reyes and Georges Reyes and they are planning to collaborate for a new project!

Nowadays this New York Gipsy Kings Tribute Band is preparing a new album. One of the brothers plays solo guitar and sing, the other is the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist. They both compose and arrange their own music besides playing Gipsy Kings music. This band is sure to take you on a journey to the classic sounds of the Gipsy Kings band to continue the great legacy of this legendary French Group.

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