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Garth Brooks Tribute Artist 1

This Garth Brooks Tribute Artist was born in a small town in Iowa. He began playing guitar at the age of 15. All the while performing and honing his entertainment skills for what was to come later in his life. He had performed in venues all over the state of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. His ability to entertain thousands of people, and doing opening act spots for some of country Music’s largest stars’, made him the right choice for the talent buyer.

Garth Brooks Tribute Artist influences

Now fast forward 10 years, and the experience this Garth Brooks Tribute Artist has gained is priceless. Growing up listening to artists and bands who have influenced his music, He has come into his own. He is no stranger to arena shows in front of thousands, and certainly not to intimate shows with small crowds. He believes that when people come to hear him, he wants to make them feel like he is singing to just them, and them alone. He wants each and every person to have an experience during his shows. “ I love it when people sing back to me”, it touches me on a personal level.

Garth Brooks Tribute Artist credits

This Garth Brooks Tribute Artist has opened up for Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Bonnie Tyler, The Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, Charlie Daniels, Diamond Rio, and many more. “ I was always good at getting a crowds pumped up for the main show, that was my Job”! He has played in countless venues throughout the USA. They consisted of Bars, Clubs, Casino Shows, Fairs and Festivals, to performing arts theatres. Which brings him to where he is right now in his music career.

This Garth Brooks Tribute Artist is now doing a show that just can’t be done by just anybody. He is doing a “ Garth Brooks Tribute Show”. His show is energetic, captivating, and has a very similar feel to a Garth Brooks Concert. He has seen Garth Brooks in concert a couple of times now, and never has been disappointed. With that in mind, that’s also his main goal! He says “ sadly enough there are many Garth Brooks Tributes, But NONE in the same realm as my show”!! “ My band is a Nashville based, 7 piece band, hand picked by their ability, and attitude. And I am so lucky that they are totally pumped about our show”.
“I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this bio about me." If you decide to hire this Garth Brooks Tribute Artist, contact Best Entertainment Inc by email or by phone.

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