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Montrose Guitarist 1

It's all about the sound. The Guitar, not him, but if you must know, this Montrose Guitarist started playing professionally in in the late 70's with some buddies. they did all the dances and played all the pop of the day, yes even the disco of the Bee Gee's.

He went out on the road with a trio until about 1989 when I ended up in Ft. Collins and in the middle of the best acoustic players on the planet. that's when he really learned to play guitar. That's when he realized that he is closer to Jackson Browne and Dan Fogelberg than he is to ACDC musically. He always has loved the intimacy of the Acoustic guitar but he also loves the Polish of bands like The Cars or Toto. He tries and bring them together By being as Electric as he isAcoustic. He uses several tools like loop machines and Vocal Harmonizer's to accomplish not only the polished sound but a full sound. He loves the colors of reverb and delay and use them to paint the pictures and tell the stories in the songs.

Montrose Guitarist opening act

This Montrose Guitarist has not been able to capture that in a recording yet he is really more of a live player. Cuz he needs your energy. He opened for quite a few big names (Peter Rowan,Left Over salmon..), too many to remember. His music comes from somewhere else. He really can't say where.

After 30 something years of playing, this Montrose Guitarist bio would be as long as a novel if he told ya everything. So he'll keep it short and hope you come have some fun some night with him. Maybe he'll write down the whole story someday..if he can remember it all.

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Country United States
City Denver
State/Province Colorado
Performer Type Musical Act

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