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Philadelphia Bagpiper 1

This Philadelphia Bagpiper has had the finest instruction in the mysteries and traditions of the bagpipes. He started his career in the British Army and has now been playing for over 50 years.

He is well experienced in the bagpiper’s role in weddings. At a catering venue, he would lead in the bridal party with a stately slow tune and then process the happy newlyweds to the reception area with upbeat songs. As well as the traditional Irish and Scottish tunes, you may hear nursery rhymes for our youngest guests and perhaps even some Rod Stewart songs.

Sometimes this Philadelphia Bagpiper plays outside of the church, before and after the wedding service to signify that this is a very special day.

Philadelphia Bagpiper humor

He has a hilarious routine for parties: "How the bagpipes work." This is humor in perfect taste, although he doesn’t mind at all if the ladies want to tease him.

He is available at short notice to play at funerals. It is sometimes this Philadelphia Bagpiper's privilege to play "Taps" on bugle to show last respects to our military, police and firefighters.

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Country United States
City Philadelphia
State/Province Pennsylvania

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