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Michael Lewis

A talented singer/songwriter, Michael Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist and a superb guitarist with endorsements from Taylor Guitars and Fuchs guitar amps. He was named one of the top indy artists in the country by the Independent Artist Registry. Michael is a polished performer, touring extensively across the US with International tours in Europe and performances for the 2006 Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival in Mexico.

Michael Lewis venues

A church guitarist by age 11, Michael Lewis was playing clubs and festivals at 16. He is a career musician, leaving behind successful jobs in retail management and banking at a young age to pursue performing and recording. He has worked with some major talent on stage and in the studio.

Michael has produced commercials, music for film and television and toured with Curb Artist, Jamie Slocum (GMA new artist of the year nominee). Michael Lewis is co-producing a project with a legendary member of YES.

Michael Lewis performances

Michael’s live concert performances are works of art, met with great approval from fans, standing ovations and a high percentage of albums sold. Michael is a true musician, a sincere performer and a genuine artist dedicated to his craft. Michael Lewis vibe is positive, his music is uplifting and his songs echo a joy for living.

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14 responses to “Michael Lewis”

  1. Dudley says:

    “[This artist] is one of the smoothest guitar players we’ve ever heard.”
    Dudley Smith, President, ICM Records

  2. Thom says:

    “[This artist] has incredible musical and production talents….”
    Thom Price, EWTN Global Radio, Birmingham, AL

  3. Ed says:

    “[This artist] is a gifted musician and an artist to watch… He’s got his finger on the pulse of the smooth jazz market. Great playing and good production make his projects among the best I’ve heard.”
    Ed Kee – Director of A&R – Brentwood Jazz

  4. Josh says:

    “Your song Sweeter Love was very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when
    sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers.”
    Josh Zandman – Song & Film

  5. Joyce says:

    “[This artist], such tasty stuff. Killer tone. Nice Feel. Magical Music!”
    Joyce Cooling – Artist – Narada Records

  6. Client says:

    “Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your music… ”
    Rebecca Moak – Richland, WA

  7. Client says:

    “I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed the two albums I bought at one of your concerts last summer.”
    Dixie Miles – Aberdeen, WA

  8. Client says:

    I was at your concert this past Wednesday. I’m still talking about it and it’s Friday. Your music is so refreshing, (coming from a jazz genre.) I was blown away!”
    Jean Pomanowski – New Monmouth, NJ

  9. Client says:

    “Thank you for your wonderful music! We so enjoyed listening to you.”
    Heather Bonner – Merrimack, NH

  10. Client says:

    “We had the pleasure of having [This artist] and his group with us… What a delightful performance!”
    Bob Longan – Medford, OR

  11. Client says:

    “[This artist] brought his great gift for playing the jazz guitar… The music was fantastic!”
    Chuck & Barb Matzker – Colorado Springs, CO

  12. Client says:

    “I saw you perform in Memphis and was impressed. I bought a couple of your CDs, my family and I are enjoying listening to you. We just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work and let you know that you have at least nine new fans out there.”
    Don Brewer – Memphis, TN

  13. Client says:

    “[This artist] is a tremendously gifted musician…”
    Jerry Usher – Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

  14. Client says:

    “[This artist] is an extraordinarily talented musician. Not only is he a technical wizard in production, but he is a powerful presence in concert…”
    Dan O’Neill – Founder, Mercy Corps International

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