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This band's sound has been described as eclectic, complex, occasionally awkward and witty. Although the musicians are based out of Northern San Diego and South Orange County, their music is far from the Southern California surf rock norm. With lush ambient guitars, quirky synths and the occasional “four on the floor” kick, they have created a unique and refreshing take on modern electronic music.

It all started in 2007 as a solo project, with the intent to bring a new sound into the local music scene. Quickly, 5 song EP was recorded.

With the ambient electronic pop sound of Taste the Celebration, the band, with new members, began touring and attempting to meet the high demand of critical and popular acclaim. The next year consisted of relentless local shows and tours reaching across America, with bands like Shiny Toy Guns, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Delta Fiasco, and Innerpartysystem.

The single, Snowflakes became a local radio favorite, and eventually was featured on Gossip Girl, season 2, which Spin Magazine said the song choice “Testified to the show's maturation from unadventurous radio-chaser to astute musical curator” as well as catching the attention of the international music audience.

In 2009, they recorded a diverse debut LP, to be released worldwide April 2010 on 37 Records. Touring in support of the CD release has already begun with acts such as Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Petree (formerly with Shiny Toy Guns).

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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