Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer 1

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Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer 1

This Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer has played guitar for the last 24 years, performing publicly for most of that time. He started out playing bluegrass and southern gospel music with his family in Suwannee County, Florida. He started writing music at age 15 and was able to pitch songs to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton only two years later. Of course, his writing skills were still quite immature so there were no deals struck.

Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer performances

At age seventeen this Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer was playing in two bands, (one country, one rock) using a fake ID to get into the bars to play. After moving to Atlanta, he auditioned and landed a gig with Off the Rails, a short lived but exceptionally popular rock band. After that this singer spent time around the Atlanta scene and was billed with acts such as Mrs. Crowe's Garden (now the Black Crowes), Brother Cane, and Allgood. At the Southeastern Music Conference he was told by the Vice President of Radio Marketing Relativity Records that it would be nice if Joe Satriani (one of Nathan's guitar heroes) would play more like him.

Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer CD

Moving to Vegas was his next move, but some of the plans he made fell through and he took a "real job" to make ends meet, using what time he could to write, record, and pick up gigs and sessions where he could. This artist finally went back into full time music in June 2009 and has already made a splash on the Las Vegas scene. He plays in venues on and off the strip several times a month doing covers of the songs he grew up with. He is writing and recording his first full CD and is expected to release it in the summer of 2011. Until then, you can catch this Las Vegas Acoustic Rock Singer at one of his live shows.

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Country United States
City Las Vegas
State/Province Nevada
Performer Type Musical Act

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