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Toronto Electro Rock Band 1

This Toronto Electro Rock Band, started out as a Metallica Cover band in 2001, but the lead singer began to construct their own music that would blend heavy rock with dark, psychedelic overtones. The result, a full-length, debut album that had been released in 2002 with Executive Producer - Larry Park. The album was recorded in Toronto at Phase One Studios and was produced by recording engineer, Eric Ratz.

This band independently promoted their CD over the next couple of years by performing at venues across south-western Ontario and just over the border to the US, in Michigan. Having four singles played on local radio stations K106.3 {Sarnia] and in Chatham on The Rock 104.7, this Toronto Electro Rock Band achieved a great notoriety in this time and began to build a solid and loyal fan following.

Toronto Electro Rock Band awards

One of their songs won an internet award in Texas, USA for 'best written song' for 1 month. One of their single would be selected by Infogrames Software Company from Los Angeles, California (the only Canadian Song on an all-American roster which includes the likes of 'Fuel' by Metallica and music by Fear Factory and The Digital Assassins) for the video game 'Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open.' It is one of the best selling games for that year and had been released on three different platforms - Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox and PC/Mac.

This Toronto Electro Rock Band was ready to start their next project. The very sound of this band would radically alter due to the departure the drummer from the band. The leader of the band decided to not replace him with another 'live' drummer, but to instead, go with a more 'digital' sound via the use of a groovebox and synthesized effects.

Toronto Electro Rock Band in Europe

In 2005, another decision was made to move the band to Berlin, Germany and make it the place to tour and finish recording their album. The band wanted greatly to establish their identity on the international scene and also, to start making important connections in an attempt to penetrate a growing European market.

An intense nine months in Europe would produce a completed 2nd album.' The CD was then mastered by Jans Reule at UFO Studios in Berlin. Two independent videos were also produced. This album can be described as a blend of rock, hip-hop and house – termed ‘electro-rock.’

The tour would also continue with a round trip of Ireland to cities like Dublin, Cork and Limerick. At the end of the nine-month trek, this Toronto Electro Rock Band relocated back to Toronto, Ontario, where they began to record their new album.

Within the past year, the leader of the band recently returned from a tour of South China as a solo artist and is looking forward to getting back with his brother and the newest member of the band to form a trio for this Toronto Electro Rock Band.

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