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London Reggae Singer 1

This London Reggae Singer is a One-Woman Band. All productions are: programmed, written, composed, live performed, arranged, recorded and mixed by herself.

This artist was born in Venice, Italy, from a Nigerian father and an Italian mother. She was a former session drummer and backing vocalist for numerous bands since 1995. She moved permanently to London, U.K. in March 2003. This extremely creative and charismatic artist is now an independent music producer composer and vocalist.

London Reggae Singer show

This London Reggae Singer Solo Dub Reggae Producer performance will hypnotize you with sounds and frequencies, catch your intellectual attention with deep lyrics, conquer your heart with her soulful voice, and make you dance in a pure Dub Sound-system style.

Her music role models are Zap Mama, Erykah Badu and Ani Di Franco.

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